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August 18th, 2010
Power supply filter?

Did they say if the interference is actually coming through the power lines or is it just coming through the air from the ceramic factory? Just thinking maybe you could get some kind of filter on your computer power cord.

Or, and here's a weird idea, maybe you could get some big pieces of cardboard and cover them with aluminum foil and kind of set them up like a shield around your computer/workstation. I know it sounds crazy but hey, worst case you are out some cardboard and foil.

Or even better maybe something like this kind of material:
I think the panels look great. The full bleed one in the middle goes great with the top and bottoms. Your panel layouts are nice and clean :)
Yeah Emi! Bring the can of whup ass!
I think the English is good. The only small thing I might change would be to switch "Ah!and take this toilet..." to "Oh, and take this toilet..." Just sounds more natural to me.

The quality looks very nice, just curious what are you doing differently? What is the "other way" ?