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Nyazmo ;; I love you & I'm glad you're doing alright!! I will always love you and your children!!! I'm happy to see them around again >< the ending to sidestory 2 was so sweet, i want to pinch little meredith and elijah's cheeks. dylan's too. *pinch*
@Nonteli: YESS it's so delicious :') The gelato store closed down that year though so now I can't get any more *weeps*
@Ida-Emilie: Haha right???? maybe i'm just a wimp though but EVERYTHING SCARED Me...
moral of the story: me and my sister are gross have a dumb comic
Writing is hard! I'll keep working on it!!
colleeeeeennnn i looove you :'))) Make.. me pancakes... HEhe
April 29th, 2013
AHH THIS IS THE CUTEST COMIC ;v; I love everyone hehh uvu
April 28th, 2013
EEE the first panel is SO CUTe... SASHA BBY getting lost omg :'0

and then there's misha and con sleeping through his distress RUUDE
A-Ah Janey, you tell 'em!! <3
THE TENSION....... (also p.s. that last panel WOAHH IT'S SO NICE I LIKE)
@silkiechan: AHHH thank you!! * ___* I was a little worried about my story being way too sappy but!! I wanted to write something positive so there you go HAha ; v ;
Author's note!!
AHH thank you all who read this humble little story of mine! It's a simple story but I struggled with it for quite a while.
I wanted to write something about acceptance of transgender people because there isn't a whole lot of positive literature out there! And there is a ton of ignorance too.
Anyway, I grappled a lot with this because I don't want it to seem like Edmund wanted to be a princess just because she likes doing "girly" things! It's only mentioned once, but the line where she says she never really felt like a prince is really important!
In the early stages of this story, Emilia was originally going to become a prince, but it wasn't really right for her character.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that gender is a social construct and it's complex and kind of hard to understand but people should be accepting!! thank you
i've been workin g late nights/early mornings on this one book for class....
the quintessential ingredient for any story
god I love the frank eeriness of this page so much ;v;
March 14th, 2013
what dorks : )
@michanforever: WOW thank you LDSKfj I'll do my best ;o;
@jonasfx: SDLFK happy valentines to you too ;v; YEA one day I will start accepting compliments like a normal person haha I just get so flustered.. i never say thank you u__u
his sweater is so cute omfg...

HENRI WHAT.. so.. cocky
you let me down boy, you let me down (jk)