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Ladidah here.
"Stay.Leave" is my third comic made. First comic uploaded (no sorry, I did upload some pages from my first comic too, but that shall not be spoken of)
Anyways, if you like the comic, please send me a comment! I'm easily discouraged, but I try!
And also, a special thanx to my friends Josefine and Sara, for helping me a little with the story and givin me a little criticism to make it better! ^^
Requests welcome, if I have the time.
One last thing.. I excuse for my english, it's not very good -.-'
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rofl ^^ this page made me laugh! Keep up the good work, it's awesome! =^.^=
December 12th, 2006
Gaaaah! Nooo I can't be out of pages! O.O NOT NOW! Must..have..update *faints*
(n btw, your art is just too wonderful!) +fav
Nooooo poor Kizzy! Hope you get better soon, for travis' sake too! O.O

November 26th, 2006
Fave this! ~^^~
Naaw I lub these stories! So kyooot and funneh ^^ My mom came in a minute ago n wodered what I was laughing about all by myself ^ยจ
HAHAHA!! Thats sooo funny! XD Poor obsessive stalker!