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Hi! I'm Sora (not my real name) and I'm a laid back procrastinator.


Red String of Fate
Het (Boy x Girl)

Red String of Fate
Het (Boy x Girl)

+++ Manga +++
+++ Anime +++
+++ Ice-cream +++
+++ Ribbons +++
+++ Drawing +++

xxx School xxx
xxx Teachers xxx
xxx Homework xxx
xxx Mold xxx
xxx Small Holes xxx

Favorite Books:
Star Crossed by Mimi McCoy
Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat by Lynne Jonell
Drama Queen by Lara Bergen
Suddenly Last Summer by Melissa J. Morgan
Charmed Forces by Melissa J. Morgan
Bloomability by Sharon Creech
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noo... don't you dare get married kei
don't you dare D:<
I can't help myself to want to eat them >.< *drools*
soo adorable :3
I would scream too. and cry. I'm really scared of cockroaches and bugy like thingys :3 except flies and butterflys and thingys xD
I'm already drooling for this comic/manga.
There are what - like 3 pages and I love it~ lala such cute drawings
i wanna hear sound! :3
ooh ooh! meh wantz to do :3
Ques #1: What's chips mean? :P
Ques #2: Are you hungry?
Ques #3: Are you bored?

Dare #1: I dare whoever to... um eat ice-cream
Dare #2: I dare whoever to um... sharpen a pencil
Dare #3: Uhh... umm.... I dare someone to come up with a dare

haha random :P
nah, i dun have a key cause my door isn't locked :P

his mother is like a kid~ lol
He must be really mad >.< lol
I never kicked a door before, unless you include when I want to barge in to my room when my brother's inside :3