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Might want to consider using an image editor to insert text rather than drawing it. Much easier to read and it would be a lot more consistant.
Spelling mistake in the last panel.
I really don't think inverted colours are a good idea for this.
why is there only one panel for this but you used the huge canvas like before?
The archive is small for 4 years but the jokes compensate for that.
That guy has an epic snore.
I wonder what his burps sound like?
Trucks reversing?
You need to work on the comics dialog more, some of it sounds really stiff and some characters have sometimes repeated things like in one of the Dark Josephk comics.
Blast that wolf! Well, I never knew the dog but I hate animal cruelty so whatever.
I think what DarkwingDork is referring to a certain group of people.
You know, the racist one?

You might want to rethink the title or at least not use the 'KKK'
Another zombie based comic, this time without a zombie...
I hate violent live action movies.
Except comedies like Sean of the Dead.
Simon Pegg is awesome.
Awkward Zombie's
It's a shame when a comic doesn't get updated.
We're living proof.
I think the true question is...

Will it pay for the gas?
Part 2
yup, part 2 of my story arc.
Not so great colouring or art, but hopefully the joke is...acceptable?

Anyway, the next comic will take longer cause I have to hand draw it.
Took me long enough
It did... and I'm sorry.

Blame, zombies, Colouring, laziness and the internet... my precious internet must be used...

In any case, away from my mental problems, this is the start of a Left 4 Dead spoof kind of thing...

Next comic from me will be around tuesday or wednesday.

Look at that plain gun...>_<
Hmm, I dunno, it serves ok for some comics I suppose.
Why, thank you.
Is this going to be the end of this comic and start a new one?
Or are we going to just continue this one?
Brand new days
Ha, so I was messing around in Paint.Net, thought I'd make something kinda crazy.
Anyway, this was the result, its kind of a Heatvision thing, huh?
Anyway, this is NO.50!
*Drinks a whole bottle of wine*
Yeep, thats not gonna feel good in the morning.

Anywayz, Its more art than comic, but it looks cool.
Heh, I can't keep to a plot line.
But I might put it into this comic.