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My art style is completely my own. I have been a artist since I was young. Having worked on my art alone I have developed a style. You may like it or not but it is unique and you will not see anything like it.

My 34page story Iloka was created from one thought, "what if you where predestined for something and you tried to stop it, what would happen?"
It pulls from the idea of destiny that many Authors wright about.
and another idea that what was predicted and that information was given to one of the part and they CAUSED it to happen.
Iloka is manly a story about a young she-wolf trying to find answers to her twisted world that she caused without knowing it
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    Taske Neron
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January 15th, 2012
Its kinda like that picture where the sea falls in love with the sky.... >D I knew that was a foreshadow.
so that what makes the sound, GEORGE!
December 20th, 2011
why didn't anyone else think of that....? like myself xD
December 2nd, 2011
oh shes going to take him home like the lost puppy he is >D
Them deer are crazy as hell
is it just me or do you guys see a great relationship developing! you know George loves Attie to peaces now =D
so all water people can go wolf >D Taske like
well this is as far as I have drawn up to, It kinda stops at a cliff hanger and I kinda know what I want to do, but I dont know how to go about it, maybe I will finish it...
If you happend to miss....
that the last two panels are of Taske, the wolf, turning into Taske, the human. I had some confusion when others have read it and thought that I should just say it before people have the need to ask (not that many people read my comics XD)
Why Evil?
most of us thought he would step on them way back a few pages xD so why would that change now xDDD
is it rapen time yet?
this kinda reminds me of something my Govn't teacher told my class one day xD That the deer are waging war xD
sorry about that xD my scanner likes to cut the sides ^-^;

anyway this is what they say;

panel one; my lord, are you ready for the hunt? (here is your sword)

panel four; come on sir, you know those beasts can do. we need to take care of it before they cause a problem.(now stand up and get ready)
mental map please ^-^
^-^ Yay for a cover
yes this is drawn, and no im not going to go to the trouble of digital work xD
Much better
This page is a LOT better done xD, see a long wait is sometimes worth it xD or my lazyness xDD
I love how his ears are floppy when he was younger xD
its ok
its fine guys just check back later, it sometime happeneds.
easter egg
its on the tree, it says pig or big or something XD
I can believe that he doesn't believe his own mate, like she would kill her own pups >.>