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oh I've missed this comic so much! Good to see it made it to print. Definitely will be ordering one soon~
Oh boy I get so excited every time a new character shows up!

Don't know how to message but sent a twitter request, from oj_lisu , been following you from waaaay back when~
November 12th, 2009
that is super spiffy and jealousy sparking.
August 26th, 2009
August 23rd, 2009
dang when you get so good?!
Oh hey, just caught up, as I've also been away (for far longer though, hur hur) good to see things rolling again~
"whatever" : how chapters should end
~anxiously awaiting next chapter.
June 13th, 2007
well, I found it easy enough to follow the paneling, which in an overall view is most important. First you make sense, then you look cool. Keep at it, and you totally nailed the "..." with the shaded eyes panel.
Oh my, little Dandi is so cute ~<3
I started reading the first page, and couldn't stop 'till the end.
Oh the eye nice...
Good work and faving
the is wonderful...
I just finished the entire comic up to this point, and it contains so much awesome, that'd it would take far too long for my lazy self to post about it.
I'll ultra condense it and just say very good job! Definite fave!
Can't say exact favorite character (I'm liking each one...) but Mark and Is are high contenders.
Lovely, simply and wonderfully lovely.
I can not find any logical reason why not to like this prince....or his logic. Wonderful!
March 10th, 2007
Neat flashback...spikes the curiosity.
On this website I don't think I have seen a distinct art style and tone of a comic (which I utterly love) work so well together...this is a very interesting comic and I eagerly await more.
I have to say that on that third panel, you TOTALY got that expression down. I like.
Well, I am a tad bit confused on what has been happening (hopefully more pages will clear that up) but the comic is so good to look at, quite frankly I don't care...this stuff is like candy for the eyes.