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I'm an otaku and I have an abnormal amount of of art skills but I'm sooo damn lazy I never get anything done-_-...that just 'bout sums it up
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    Ai Bloodworth
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January 18th, 2013
I'm just going to keep saying it :)
Beast & Belle~Beast & Belle~Beast & Belle~lalalala XD....but that doesn't mean its an exact comparison. You still make them your own character. Heck, I dare say they're even more adorable than B&B :)
January 18th, 2013
I feel conflicted :(
Sindri looks oddly cute in the last panel. He reminds me more and more of Beast from Disney's B.&T.B. as the story goes(the same for Lumi & Bell). I keep telling my cuteness radar Sindri's evil but it won't listen to me T-T
January 18th, 2013
I like this beauty & the beast theme these pages have going. Although, I doubt this beast is going to turn into a kind & handsome prince at the end :(
January 18th, 2013
Any1 else notice Lumi's shocked eyes in the top panel XD
been there
I had the same thing happen to me around the same time, about 3 years back my mom's dad & my dad's mom died within two days & I felt bad 'cause I could only make 1 funeral (my family is scattered across the US) but as of 2012 I'm fine(but my dad's siblings can't seem to forget it -_-MOVE ON!)
& I'm a proud owner of the hardcover Claudia's Story you completed last month It would be nice to see Scorch get put in print All yur series are good but I find Scorch to be the most enjoyable XD May ze 100 souls be with yuz!
that 1 plot line closed~ before you officially leave...PLEASE CLOSE ALL THE OTHER PLOT LINES! IT IS OUR DUTY AS WRITER!!!
gasp 0o0
it looks was well worth saving every penny for this gn /\_/\
itz always good to hear from yu Ash /\_/\ & I already have money saved up for when Interview With The Vampire comes out this year~so yu can count me~ & I'm so proud of you for landing the job 'cause yu deserve it in every way...oh & don't kill yourself, you already work yourself to death as it is -_- we all love yu so we'll just wait patiently until yur official return to SJ /\-/\Good Luck
January 27th, 2012
Wolf looks very Willie E. Coyote in the last panel XD
Don't end it!!! just say you're going on hiatus, at least give us a little hope!!!!!TMT
How did he manage to slip through the airport(or whatever) with that hand?
I wonder how his uniform survives all that torture?
outline wtf
jura looks like sasuke in that silouette, although I like jura a WHOLE lot better than S.F.T. ~SASUKE XP
March 24th, 2011
The hydra looks awesome!
+ I like the story so far it's really unique along with the artwork
GASP 0o0
YUR MASCOTS R SO CUTE XD please keep drawing dis story I've missed it over the past year & a 1/2 but if yu become busy I'll understand schoolz a bitch XP
February 22nd, 2011
comment virginity
aww dat sweet
HOT DAMN! Richard and Henry look HOT on this page
GASP 0o0
dis iz awesome 8D
OMGZ!!! 0O0
A YAOI PAGE! XD I totally didn't see this coming!...+ itz pretty 2 8D