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Updating later.
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@ Ryu i know >.< I'm so psyched, go on iscribble? /sob

@thetrashcat tyvm >.<


>.< i noticed but i haven't been able to update what with the hospital and all ; ^ ;
50 fans yay
omigosh! It's all happening so quickly, origionally i was just colouring this for fun but then, I realised we already have 50+ fans

Thanks guys!!! We really appreciate it <3 <3 <3

to Oni, Noah and Ryu <3<3<3 much love much love
So much love >.< I'm drowning!

@ trace LAWL <3 defo self-explanitory ty for dropping by!

@ Oni FFF come on for longer timess!!!! we need to discuss stuff. . . like. . . um yeah : D
nuh! dun praise me like that my erm. . . feet will explode orz

but I guess I ought to say tyty tyvm OH BBY ILU2
mkay so Wow I'm posting up two pages in one day~


Anyway this lovely fella up here is another C O D E N A M E his name is Kent : >
I discovered two things while doing this page. . .

1: Toning is a bitch.

2: I want to shoot myself for being a perfectionist.

/ sob

Anyways guys, I hope you like this page : DD;;
I mean it only took me like 4- possibly 6 hours XD;;

My brother kinda influenced this page because he said there wasn't enough blood. . . But I think I kinda overdid it. >.<

Thanks to Oni, Sensei and Noah and to the readers <3
(orz you're sexy sensei~ )

I want his whole wardrobe : /

@ Toboe tyvm : >
I finally finished the second page! /jumps up and down.

This kinda took a while I won't lie, it was a bit difficult to draw Nate flipping like that but : D I had to.
I love it! it looks awesome! good job, I can't wait to read
: > your style is nice
do I spot world of warcraft

/feels like a nerd
I agree with Erdgeist >.< they're sooo cute!
Girls exist deal with it. /highfive lol
love your drawing style! This is great. : >