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Is there a Scooby Doo mystery afoot?
The plot thickens. You guys and gals got me hooked all over again, I really like where this is going!

Also wow, I looked (and dressed) a -lot- like Adrestia a few years ago. I didn't realize until after the new sprite had been around a few days.
Whoops, I'm a little late to the party! But hey, better late than never, right? Super stoked to see morphE back, I missed it. <3
I read Homestuck, so to me, this is less a hiatus and more a leisurely teatime. I'll be waiting when y'all get back. This story is definitely worth it.
@burningtyger: It was a joke, I promise.

But I will take this moment to gush about WHY I love Morphe so much: the characters have depth and humanity and they're all relatable in one way or another. That was what struck me when I first found this comic, more so than the cool magic setting it takes place in. It's always a treat to find out more about all the characters, not just my favorites.
I am becoming rapidly more invested in these two with every passing update. But the biggest shock of all is that Billy actually has normal human feelings! Who would've seen that one coming??
I really, really love the shadowy profile kinda images here. And the writing from the last few pages really has me interested, I do kind of regret that I don't understand the source material better (since it looks so cool), but I can still follow it just fine without that. You guys as a whole never fail to find new ways to impress!
Yesss, I have been waiting eagerly for this confrontation!
They really should appreciate Tyler more. A little diplomacy goes a long way, whatever your reasons for it. He's being very mature about it, all things considered, and even if the others don't like it, it's keeping a lopsided fight from breaking out.
Good Guy Morphe Team updating on Christmas.

But uh. Hm. "The door, ever so carefully, creaked open." I assume that's the last of this update, but then when I hit the arrow, the page goes white and only says "File does not exist."
@ChibiSilverWings: You are definitely succeeding. I haven't played chess in over a decade and I'm burning through these updates so fast I have to read them two or three times.

Power-reading webcomics is never a good idea, but when you're excited...
Props to the artist for not making it a theatrical bloodbath.

On an entirely unrelated note, I am now very, very sad I can't afford to go to Youmacon this year.
I would SO watch Billy's show.
I feel ya, Billy, I've had days like that.

I wonder how well he'll be able to look back on this, though. I don't know much about this continuity's magic.
That is an absolutely gorgeous scene at the end. Goodness me, I always wished I could draw buildings like that. Never got the hang of it, though.

And since we're at the end of the chapter, I'd just like to say, I absolutely adore the current update schedule you guys keep. Most everything I read updates M-W-F, all days I work, so it's nice to have something to enjoy on my off days while I relax.

Aside from that, I hope you guys can keep up the good work! I'm genuinely excited for the next chapter, and I love that the update quality keeps steadily climbing as you guys hammer out your styles for it.
@Ethrenal: I'm not totally sure I'd call Amical a villain so far. He's definitely not "good," what with the casual murder and all, but he doesn't seem outright evil, either.

So far, I'd just label him "sociopath" and wait for further information.
Well. Looks like Billy just became my new favorite character. Sorry, Tyler, but maybe you'll surprise me again later.
@Lunaroki: To be fair, that doesn't seem difficult to do.
@ChibiSilverWings: Personally, I've been reading this comic with absolutely no idea what it's based around (and at first, I didn't know it was based around any existing work at all). I've found the story engaging and inclusive all the same, and it's definitely been nothing short of fascinating.

I've read a lot of webcomics over the last few years (I lost count around 70), and I can comfortably say this one is one of the best I've ever read, and it just keeps getting better.