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I am a self taught digital artist with a focus in Japanese styled art. My aspiration is to become a professional comic artist or mangaka.

The Risk of Spades[Summer 2016]
Piece Out[Discontinued]
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Hey! It's been a long time! Well I would like to announce that the Risk of Spades will resume where it left off next year! That includes new chapters and updated art! I'm really excited to see this going again, so stay tuned for more!

Teaser Art to come. Stay tuned. :D
Cover Art
Here's Chapter 2! :D
So AWA was a success! I was glad to meet those who visited my table. Along with the everything that happened this past weekend, I really had fun! ^^ Anyhoo, here's the next page. I should have more up as the weekend goes on.
Decided to post early since I'll be at AWA all day Friday.
I won't be able to screen tone my pages for a while. So bare with me. ;_;
Fixed the bubble. I knew it was bugging me for some reason. xD
Finally got my scanner fixed. xD So enjoy.
I'll add the screen tones later. :B
Welcome back! owo;
I CAN'T stand them either!! DDD=<
*Note: -dai [dey]: suffix used when refering to a younger sibling
...dang. 0_0 *dies*