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I can tell you is that I play bass and music is a drug to me ^^ and I am a large manga fan.
I am a dedicated comic artist, except there is a issue, and that is unfinished work.
You see I am (without being too egotistical) a talented
scenario writer and have a vivid imagination.
Nearly everything I see gives me some idea for a comic...

The issue I am faced with is that I am so easily influenced by the outside world that
ideas get started, and never end, which annoys my friend
(the only real person who I think enjoys reading my comics)...

I have recently set all my current comics and scenario ideas to hidden. This is because i need to think over how i am to do this / how to approach this correctly
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So okay
Taking the previous commenters advice I will post a preview of the page's large piece that I seem to have taken a habit to making and use that as an update here with a link to the new comic page...

so here's the full thing: 4996400
Two updates behind D: I need a slap on the wrist. And is ... is May being a creeper
Sorry about the lack of updates - its not just here but all across the boards. I have not had time to work on things until now which is a shame because I still got all those wonderful ideas to share with you
Here's the simple breakdown guys. I love you all at SmackJeeves but I can't stand the thought of people sitting and reading this comic here where there is a 500kb page restriction.

Seriously the most recent update I had to take the page down to 20% quality...I didn't even dare upload it here.

Everything on this SmackJeeves comic sec can be found here:

and here:

I am continuing this comic but from here forth I will not be posting full comic pages, instead I will post 'previews' and provide a link to the DA full page...I hope this does not cause any convenience...

Also enjoy this piece its a temporary exclusive whilst I arrange the color pallet
Its baccck
der der dun dun...der der dun dun...
Ittttssss back
Not really a preview, I just wanted to do some sketches and one of the new panels made me aww :3 so I did another sketch - expect a good few more in the future
So pages 17-18 now done, jeez it took so long, I am very happy with the results but the quality was dimmed down around half so if you want to see the full page quality go to DA here:
Enjoy i guess...
A preview for the next page also a bit of a filler because this is taking me a little longer than usual ^^" Some new new stuff im trying out on the page etc'tra
The shocking conclusion Feliks is actually master of the universe!!!
Well whatever Steven's getting flustered about its bound to be interesting :P.

Ahh Tablet Pens and their ability to get lost in the simplest of places...the bed being the worst spot.
I hope those people with dirty minds don't read the last part of your reply XD Because it can be taken in one hell of a way:
"practicing working at a toy store during the day, and been searching for a real job"
I COLOR - my updates would be so much faster if i didn't color the damn things, seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways feedback would be sexy bout now.
been patiently waiting so its good to see stuff's happening :D
Why the sudden absence though? Were you running through the entire thing before continuing or was it a exams etc?
background check
I will be doing these comic prologue pages to help those that haven't read the prologue in writing(which can be found from the link above). There will be some differences between the two and the comic prologue pages will be spread out over the expanse of the comic
This comics gonna be frequently updated - Going b/w/g now
Pretty awesome, the left one is very tomboy looking as-well
Fav'd, the art's really nice and I like the way you have over all color schemes kind of reminds me of wait never mind the less i think of PokeSlaughter the better XD

The only thing I can think of constructively is some backgrounds :3
so yeah, my intermission. From here on I vow that all my pages shall be of proper quality ... because I just can't keep fine cruising like this otherwise I really will sink into a depression or something, im ashamed at how the art quality stooped so low and at myself for just letting myself do it. So I need to find a way to book up my ideas, some would recommend finding pictures that inspire me however that only puts me into a lesser mood to draw. but I will see through this and find a way to really work out the kinks!

I am also horrified that what was meant to be a heartfelt and touching not to mention serious story turned out to be a shallow stupid little speed run. Thankgoodness ive stopped here to look at how things are progressing so I can change how things are being approached because I am not happy at all with whats happened ...

Are there any ways of giving advice on how to be patient and take your time, because I get these superb ideas but I jst can't progress to putting them down on paper/tablet without rushing to see the final product. I just can't take in all the processes that require making the product I just see the final image in my mind and speed towards it without thinking of what needs to be done to make things look better...
The last page of traditional comic art...I really want to improve my Digital artwork even if it severes my limbs, so serious about this that it hurts my head T_T
As I warned, the quality is beyond abysmal,
Next page will be the intermission, might be alittle while before a full update...Expect some kind of depressing rant on the next page swell
its ...ugh
this next page, just a the last Traditional page and its the worst thing I have ever drawn period, so just bare with it ! (next page not this one)
So Tired
Got some more pages down, so hungry and tired right now someone make me some damn foooooooooooooooooooooood