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I'm a artist/writer with a love for animation!
XD That is to perfect-by the way your hand writing is great! Aw man I love Atticus! That's one way to get him to quit smoking. lol! X3
*Laughs head off.* You tell 'em girl! I seriously would not want to be on her bad side. XD
I think this is my favorite page EVER!!!
Panel five is very cute. Your really good at comic drawing. ^_^
Hope you're internet problems clear up soon.
Hahah-I love Atticus face in panel four! Looks like his brain just flickered like a light bulb. XD
I really like the last 3 panels. Bob's really cute. He handled the situation like a pro. X3
You got me!
I really did think she was going to pop out in all her catty fury! >:D
Wow I finely finnished!
It took me all week to do this. Partially because I was getting impatient and the compute was running slow.
Anyway look we can see one of Feys eyes! oOo Eventually were going to see him properly! But for now he's being rebellious and refuses to let us see his pretty face!
You cooperate Fey-or I'm gonna have to get ugly with you! *poke's him with computer pen! "ouch!"* Do you realize how many adoring fan girls your letting down?!?!
Bob is a gentleman, but don't mess with him when it comes to his friends-especially Emi. >0<
Well... I wont give anything away. >__0 there are many other characters to this story. Thanks a bunch for reading. :D
O.O Shiny Cube.
Alright maybe I should just say I update at least once a week, since I keep posting these early pages. A great big thank you to all who have linked back to this comic. Your support is invaluable.
By the way, if you would like to see step one to how I draw, follow this link - .
The Last Staw -
I love the last panel.:3 Looks like Bob has had enough. Grrr-Show those girls not to mess with Emi Bobko! You are the man! >3<!!!

P.S. Hope your tablet problems get better soon.
Aww poor Emi!
If there weren't two of them-somebody help her kick those girls butts!!! Grrr!
Another early update.
Look Fey can speak! He doesn't care for who ever uses this room though...
Fey Back To Normal.
This is more of what Fey is suppose to look like. Be warned, his character development is still changing-once again it's that hair!!! >_< But over all this is the correct design. :3
Random change of hair color.
Okay so I guess this does dezerve some explanation. =_=; At first I had no idea what color Feys hair was going to be. I randomly choose green for, god only knows what reason. Then after some thought I changed it permanently to blue. The problem with this page though, is that when I saved I flatten the image! >.< No more layers, which means no way I could change his hair. waahhh! ;___;
Hence the reason for this double update today. I want to get back to the rightful way he is suppose to look before next week.>____<
Finelly In Color
So now begins the start of the new colored comic. Initially I wasn't going to use anything other then pencil when I first started posting on the net. I made the first two pages in photoshop before I even had the means to make a web comic. Each step in this proses has been an improvement for me so far, and I hope that continues. Anyway the art is going to get better from here. Promise! Until next week. <3
Congratulations ^0^
Yeah! The Reid's RULE!!! Congratulations on your publication! X3 You are one of the coolest manga artist out there!<3
^3^ yeah!!!
Wonder what Adrian will have to say about this...
Sooo... what are the chances Kevin's really a killer Retsinis, and is gonna get his butt kicked by Adrian? X3 (Not really serious I just like the idea!*evil-
No I did not know that. I don't know how to fix that. >.<