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I'm an artist/writer of lesbian stories. I used to run the self publishing company of Kat & neko Manga during the years of 97 - 03. During that time I created a 4 volume long yuri series along with several short stories. After an unexpected emotional crash I moved to writing novels starting in 03 and since then I've finished 8 novels.

People enjoyed my writing style so much that in 08 I decided to return to manga again with a new yuri series that takes a completely different approach from my usual dark morbid tales.

If you are interested in more of my art then you can find me at my DA account.

@Almightyra: Now I get it, in the middle of the night I realized you are getting the girls mixed up. That is Kris and Jenn talking to each others. Kimberly was talking to her dead mother on page 10.
@Almightyra: The novels are online actually, it was only this manga that was sold in stores for a bit. I never explained what happened to her mother in this version of the manga. The only place that info was posted is in the novel which is why I thought you read it.

Where did you hear her mother was dead then?
@Almightyra: You've read the novel havn't you? That is a different telling of the tale and Jenn's mother was alive in that version as well.
It has been insanely hot out here as of late, that coupled with other issues made it really hard to get this page finished. I'll try my best to get more work done next week.
@mudkip003: I don't know what you are talking about. I draw all my art free hand and just ink in the machine. The eye shape is just how I tend to draw it, nothing to do with photoshop at all.

Glad you are enjoying it. I'll hopefully have more next week.
@mudkip003: I use Photoshop CS2 for all my work, the lettering included.
Almost didn't finish this today
This has not been a good week. Between the scanner starting to die out to email issues and a pain in my eye that is unreal I wasn't sure if I'd get this page finished this week or not... Time for a weekend off and hopefully get some rest.

Chapter 16 begins
It is getting increasingly harder to come up with these cover pages. I'll have more next week.
End chapter 16
Sorry for delays on this page. Last week wasn't good for me... Plus this page was giving me a lot of trouble, but I finally got it finished. I need to go over the scripting for the next chapter and rework things a bit, so it might take a bit before posting the next chapter.

A Thanks
Thank you all of you who said they would support me if I decided to move to Manga Magazine. It means a lot to me. Right now I'll be sticking to what I've always been doing. But I might change my mind in the future.

Well enjoy this page.

@Galerian:Rose: Thanks, I spend a lot of time working on the dialogue for these scenes. Probably what I spend the most time on.
@undefinedlust: Actually I did just that for 6 years. I printed ASD and sold it at stores, orders and at cons, along with posters. I'm not supposed to be working and did 6 conventions one season, which caused me to crash big time. It took me 6 years to get back to doing manga again, but I can't face printing myself anymore. MM looked promising, but my stress levels went insane. I'll just have to be content with what I'm doing until I have enough volumes to look into digital press or something.
@undefinedlust: I was looking into the whole featured artist thing that just requires you to draw in traffic more than anything else. But it is a whole popularity contest. I don't write/draw to be popular, I do this because I want to bring stories to others who will enjoy them. Plus having the major artist there begging for me to come read their works without them even taking a moment to look at yours feel... I can't describe it, but it wasn't how I work so I'm back here and on DA again.
@undefinedlust: I would continue with Inside OuT, what else? I won't create a new series just for them. I create what I want, not what others want.
@Kiel95: It wouldn't mean you won't be able to keep reading. If I did move to MM you would just have to read it there. However, the site doesn't please me and I have issues with forcing my readers to move so, for now, I'm here.
@Calocor: Opps, I mean to reply to you and replied twice to the other person... Check the replies I've made for my comments.
@undefinedlust: MM = Manga Magazine, I wrote a blog about it before posting this page. They claim that one can get payed if you bring in enough traffic... the only issue is that Traffic means it is a popularity contest, not something I'm interested in.
@undefinedlust: I got caught up in the thought of making money off my work again. Took only a moment to realize that their way isn't my way of going about things. I don't care about popularity or anything like that. I like to tell stories and reach as many of my readers as I can.
Inside OuT Now on MM
I was considering not posting here and just focus on MM from now on, but the moment I committed myself to that my brain collapsed... *sighs* I think throwing myself at another site is no good for me... I just want to focus on getting the chapter done...

@Rumiel: Pretty much everything in my stories is based on experience. I was just having troubles phrasing Yui's thoughts without having her bluntly say, "She's on the rebound." LOL Which is how your comment came in handy.

I've been through a hell of a lot over the years. I was in your place for a while, until I was 29, when I met my sweetie. I'd just given up and she popped onto my LJ at the time. Things just caught on and a year later we ended up married, that was over 7 years ago now. One never knows what the future has in hold for them.