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Quick question...
...which will probably get answered in the next few days:

How tough is the hull of the ship?
Multi-layer pursuit!
And I suddenly have the Mission: Impossible theme running through my head.

Hey, at least it's more serious than, say, "Yakkety Sax".
Archive binge complete! +Faved! Looking forward to more!
Given how it looks in your drawings, I can see why you got several good comments on the purple hair. Very nice!
Thought I recognized the art.

(is a MSF High lurker)

Anyway, going to archive blitz now. Looking forward to this!
Alternate idea
The cuteness might be a tactic - cause your foes to underestimate you, then catch them off-guard.
March 10th, 2011
*reads page*

*re-reads previous pages*

Methinks Erika is going to wind up with a magical girl ally... or a professional rival. Possibly both.
I am impressed - Ashley actually managed to do worse than claim that she's his fiancee.


I'd give her an immediate hyperspeed kick to the 'nads, but given Chris's luck, he'd be hit instead.
There were a few times in a customer service call-center job that I used to have where I'm pretty sure I was called "ma'am".

Worst part is, I'm a guy... x_X
Spinoffs for side stories? I like.
Methinks Ashley needs a kick in the 'nads, especially if she's going to try some BS like saying she's his fiancee.
February 5th, 2011
Welcome back!
More like Riona isn't good enough at bluffing to deny her unique voice.

New term: "nulltake". Similar to a spittake, a nulltake is when you're not stunned enough to drop what you're holding, but you are surprised enough to stop what you're doing mid-action.

This page caused me to do a nulltake.

Well, you're certainly entitled to your critique, but your recommendation smacks of "there is ONE TRUE WAY", and after perusing the BWW, I'm curious as to what you believe a good webcomic is. Perhaps a list (compiled from the forums, natch) should be posted somewhere on the BWW - or even better, a list (with examples) of what makes a good webcomic? And yes, I did read the list of Webcomic Sins; I'm more interested in a list of "do this" instead of "don't do that".

Anyway, back to the critique. So the art is quirky and not photo-realistic, the faces reused, and the anatomy unusual.


The lines are crisp and clear, the shading is respectable, and the coloration is reliable. The economy of expression - being able to show different emotions with minimal visual shift - is quite skillful.

Besides, I'll let you in on a little secret: art isn't everything. Humor, plot, characters, and insight (not necessarily in that order) are more important. As long as I can tell what's going on, the exact style of art is irrelevant; the style is mostly a visual signature to me.

In conclusion, I recognize and respect that the BWW is out to highlight Sturgeon's Law ("90% of everything is crap"), but must point out the TVtropes Corollary: "The difficulty of getting a group of people to agree on _which_ is the non-cruddy 10% exponentially approaches infinity as the size of the group increases."

Welcome to part of my 10%.

Edit: Okay, that took over an hour to compose - when I started, Chikara Neko hadn't posted!
@xxamaterasu, He just got majorly complimented by his goddess. Why -wouldn't- he be blushing?
Alternate answers
@corruption: I was thinking of more easy-going answers - either 1.) "Why not?", or 2.) "Just because."

Either way, since you currently exist, might as well make the most of it.
January 18th, 2011
Nice outfit.
Sometimes I hate being right...
Unspeakably horrifying it is, then.