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No, the "Crimson Chin" is a superhero off of Fairly Odd Parents.

Chin Man is an entirely different character. :P
#5 - Superchin Flamethrower
Returning from Thunder Chronicles with a new look (and mechanised transforming Superchin), it's everybody's favourite superhero, Chin Man!

I've heard Gav isn't very well at the moment, and Chin Man is written in his honour. I hope he gets well soon.
#4 - Bunny Ninjar
This is kinda late, but Happy Birthday to Charmy!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been legally dead. Might upload another comic later to make up for it.
#3 - The Mario Kart Drinking Game
Mario Kart patrons will have taken note of the increased use of the Blue Shell in the Mario Kart series. For those who don't know anything about Mario Kart, here's the run down of it. First it didn't exist, then it gently nudged the person in first place and could be dodged, then it started flying and targeting the person in first place with a huge explosion that made them stop instantly. Combine that with 12 people races in the latest installment, Mario Kart Wii, and you have about 3 going off at once.

Turning this into a drinking game is not a smart idea. Fun though.
#2 - Off The Rails
Even though some of my friends aren't actually that far away, I often end up getting the train there. It's more relaxing than the bus and there's always that thrill of impending doom.

And delays. Stupid trains.
#1 - Pilot
I decided not to change the art style because it's actually part of the comic's charm. Look for better writing and the occasional surprise.

Also, if you're reading this around time of launch, make sure you check out the latest (and newest) news post.
March 16th, 2008
Happy birthday...old chum. :D
Comic by Eddygazilion
I do love comics that mock me so. Sorry again for all the guest comics, but it'll be made up for soon...oh yes, it'll all see. Except Kai, she already knows.

Thanks to long-time reader Eddygazilion ( - unless it exploded or something, like my appendix (LOLZ)). Indeed, Polly is not quite dead yet...
Kai: Well first off, yes I DID kill Luke for the purpose of discovering what he looked like as a ghostie ^_^

Secondly I hope you enjoy the second coloured Kai Komick. You gotta rememebr though, I offer you valuable advice in these Komicks.


Oh and one last thing....

Remember children "IT'S NEKKI TIME!!!"
Comic by Kai.
Wow, two awesomely drawn and coloured guest comics for the price of one? You guys are lucky. I'll try and get Kai to do an author comment on this for you crazy kids. XD

Thanks again to Kai for this. <3
Comic by Kai <3
Rai: Usually, I'd thank the person for drawing a guest comic here, but as Kai is right next to me, I don't have to! ^_^

Kai: We are NOT lame! we WILL kill you XD hahaha~ please enjoy Kai's Komic...the art is weird XD lol

Rai: ...

Kai: love me really ^_^....hahahaha sorry to Matt whom died in the making of this strip....mmmmmm....strip *droolage*

Rai: Damn, she's got me there. XD


Rai: g2g bi

Kai: *dances* IT'S NEEKI TIME!!!
I have been told.

New comics soon.
Comic by Mattu
Since I last posted, I have been in hospital a total of two more times, for a grand total of three. Hopefully this is a valid excuse for not updating.

Still, you guys have another guest comic on the way at least, and I'll get cracking on some new comics soon! Hopefully.
August 11th, 2007
He did, he said he was halfway through.

Millions of children are crying because of Hedwig and Dobby. J.K. Rowling is a very bad lady! :(
Eddy, that is fantastic.

Thanks. :)
However, you can put them in bug box things! :D

Edit - "Tanks". Those are it!
Comic by Charmy
As you know, I've not updated in ages. However, there is a very good reason for this.

With our show finished, I was ready to start making comics again. However, complications arose two weeks ago when my appendix exploded inside me, nearly killing me. I'm slowly recovering, and I'm out of the hospital so don't worry. However, this has made updating impossible.

Charmy drew this for me as a get well comic, and I wanted to share it with you. It looks damn good as well.
Better than me, Jo. :D
July 16th, 2007

Don't make me laugh just after I wake's a weird feeling. :D

(Even if it is 2pm...)
You know, I never worked out why long time readers go back and comment on old comics...