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Red Xinkoff
Why the smeg should I tell you
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Wait what was the final trial?
>Ray murder the luzon useing a really cool attack.
I.AM.VAS. best line ever.
Well I have good news and bad news good news is Sora has gotten his ass kicked bad news is He threw his KeyBlade through my liver.
Glandor> Break the box yelling FUCKING HATE UNOPENED CHESTS!
Atomic dragon here's you popcorn and here's a fridge filled with unlimited amounts of drinks.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna provide cover fire for Ann(the chick wearing purple?).
Ah Pinky and the Brain refrence for the frucking win!
I so support team Fire.
Kill it with fire!
Wow too bad there isn't a Red mage (I'm a red mage BTW)
Glandor: Throw grenades in there then go and kill anyone dumb enoough not to answer your question.
I like it ... really wish I could sprite chan
Ask name,age and then if she's old enough ask her what drink she wants but don't give the gender bender drink as that would ruin your chances for a lesbo scene after work.
Ask name,age,give the her the spoon and then hug her and say that she looks pretty
Glandor> Ask if Faite wants to go in the cave to see if anything usefull is in there in not then Breed... Again