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Hello! ^o^ My name is Amanda, but some call me Akemi as my 'anime/manga' name. I'm really into the Japanese culture and plan on making video games when I get older. But for now, I am trying to work on honing my art skills and storytelling abilities.
I do not have comics on the web, but I would like to. However, I'm not very good with many computer programs yet. Plus, my scanner doesn't like me very much.
(>-.-)> *sway*
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I thought for sure he was gonna stab her eyes out with the pencil. But then i saw the next page...
Omg... nose-picker! *o* I think I would have died a little if I was Chino.
September 30th, 2010
Take your time. ^^ Considering all of the artwork and business you do, you are probably swamped from all of that. And yeah, I used to have wacom troubles which got really frustrating.
Can't wait for another page of The Reids!
September 7th, 2010
More more please!
When will there be more? ^_^
Is this manga available in America? :D I'd love to buy them alls! <3
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I wouldn't want to go to History class either! :< Peh!

BTW love this manga! Meago is great too! <3
I love your comics! ^o^ *huggles*

Nice art style~ I'm sure your happy with it! :)