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It likes the cartoons and comics, precious!
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    Jesse Hughes
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Premier Ball
I bought ten pokeballs, where's my free premier ball?!?!? Wrrrooooaar!
Real men wear pink. Sometimes.
Like it or not, Valentine's Day is here to stay. Might as well go with it.
January 30th, 2011
Hehe, the Silver Litterboxer is my fave, Electro!
They are, clockwise from Silver:
Captain Calico, my original idea for CosmiCat
Incredibles CosmiCat
Gizmoduck- from Ducktales
Peashooter from Plants Vs. Zombies (they look alot like Bellsprouts)
Shawn from Psych
Just some saber tooth tiger
Booster Gold
Teenage Mutant Ninja Cosmo
I love this!`
I like to avoid fan comics, but MAN! I really enjoy this one. It ranks way up there next to 'Super Effective'!
Before he became CosmiCat, Cosmo had a little outing in this outfit.
!_! YES
LOL Oh, awesomes! Thank you, Santa!
If you're not familiar with ol' Krampus, Google him. It'll be worth it!
Holiday hijinks, taking place out of continuity. You might have guessed that since it involves characters we haven't met yet.
Up to you
Are they trick-or-treaters, or monsters? Hey, buy the set and it'll be up to you!