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Huh. I'm supposed to say something about how awesome I am here, right? Right. Well, uh..too bad. Awesome is reserved for Alfred the singing mouse. (they have those now, you know. )
I'm just you're regular ol interwebs looser. I have little to no life, normalcy frightens me, I'm the boogyman's right-hand girl, with a serious love of books, yaoi, and drama that borders on obsession. I love Tim Burton and Holly Black, and have a peter pan complex. You may grow old, but you never grow up! <3

SOOO. abso-fuckin-lutely ace, yes? YES. Cool.

I hope JH comes back some day, this is such a good comic
but ofc no rush, just wanted to let you know people still love it! Even if you don't continue it, I'm glad I got to read it <3
kinda want to die bc yay demi character like me!! I'm really happy
Bless these boys I love them both so much <3
Oh man Roy!!!!! Dude I am so happy to hear from you again.
I'm so sorry shit's been so tough for you lately :( Your cats sound awesome, and I'm glad you've found a great apartment. But I know mental health can kick ass really hard and I'm so sorry about your job, both that it made you so miserable but also that you lost it?? like. Idk it's weird I just want you to be happy bruh.
But like honestly. Take as much time as needed, we're all just super glad to know you're like, not dead? XD I think I can pretty comfortably say that you mean so much to all of us in our little JH fandom <3
Oh man that last panel is something else </3
Ugh my stomach is in knots, I hope you're ok. Keeping you in my thoughts <3
I really hope you're ok. Haven't heard from you in over two weeks! Please let us know you're alright?
Are you ok there friend???
I wish I could sign up for a guest page I'm sorry I can't I WANNA HELP.
Can I just draw you a big heart that you post for one day? Would that count? Lmao
Aww come on Gannet that was mean ^^;;
I'll be honest my first thought was "Where the halifuck is halifax"

ALSO HOLY SHIT That girl's got one hell of a memory. And is as beautiful as always <3_<3
Jesus I thought of the 'tag yourself' meme before I even read the title of the page fuck XD
Donated! JH is my favorite webcomic, I've been reading it for years, checking an update every weekday. It's the only webcomic I've kept up with consistently, and it's because of what a wonderful comic it is, with such amazing characters. I could only throw in $10 but I hope everyone else can contribute too!!
Blink once for top bunk and twice for middle bunk
If you're the glasses chick I'm the one with pink hair and a look of an angry suspicious girl with a crush and I love it.
Ok with a face like, that I'm pretty sure I can guess what it is, lol.
Poor kid :(
I'm /trying/ not to see Micah as a bad dude but.
Julian makes a reaaaaaaaaaally good point.
So proud of Julian! <3