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Grinder TH
I'm just your everyday sprite comic making 12 year old.
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This needs work. Like, lots of it.

Recolours. Make edits, there's no point in changing Shadow's colours and calling him someone else.

Speech Bubbles. Get some instead of coloured lines. And get better grammar and spelling.

Fix these. I missed stuff out, but ah well.
I have been spriting... alot. Oh, and been to Devon. And gotten the Metal Sonic Jazwares figure. It kicks ass. Need I say more?
Sonic X Sally? YES! As I said over on the MG, this is awesome.
No offense... hes a recolour. Who would steal him?
First, background on that doggy.
I'm a new author... guy... here.

Credit to Haro, the guys who worked on the Ultimate Advance Sonic Sheet, and me.

Permission and credit required for use.