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I like transformers
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Shiney >W<
I love shiineey...oh i love shiiney...I have a collection... of muh own~ (tune to"I am so lonely song" :3)
awww why couldn't it be a shiney?
champane ^w^
X33 i likey this picy
Goodbye every one me closing this tab so me can watch me friend on DA.
@blaze: Me see u ^_^
@blaze: oh well...
@Blaze: Oh any art u draw there on DA?
@Bruce: ??? Me get out of school on my birthday, which is june 3. SO does char cahr cuz we go to same school.
@Bruce: I wouldn' tell you.
@Blaze: Oh well it no hurt to ask. Me only wanted to make you a friend.
@everyone: Me think tht it does has its bad pionts but it is still fun to post stuff.
@blaze: So wut ur user name me can give u llama. Mine is Radiawave like always.
@Bruce: Me will never look at soundwave a transformer again cuz of da. I understand you
Anyone here on deviant art besides me and char char
@char char
: *backs away* Hey he said he knew a ton so me just wanted to ask
@Bruce: So what has char-char told you about her comic?
Nya~!My error.
So wut u gonna do to me?
Radia: ^_^