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I'm a comic artist from Finland.
Give me chocolate and we can be friends.
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Thanks for letting me know, I don’t know what happened there. Unfortunately I can’t edit the comment on mobile and I’m already in bed so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow 😅
Wow wow wow!

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Where you going, luv?
@Wall_Spider: Sorry but I must say I don't believe a single word of that. You've posted like 200-300 comments here in a day and reading some of them really give me the strong feeling that you're too young to be reading this comic. I appreciate your enthusiasm and that you like my comic but it really is for adults so you should maybe wait and grow a little.
@Wall_Spider: Hi Spider, thank you for these hundreds of comments but ummm these kind of comments about gays are sort of objectifying and disrespectful. I noticed you're still pretty young and this is a mature comic for adults, so you should maybe wait a few more years and return to this comic when you're older.
Awww oh no D:
wait what happened to smoochy time?
smoochy time!
@plasticwrap: They've known eachother for 7-8 months at this point.
@plasticwrap: I wonder did you read the first 400 pages of this webcomic where they didn't have sex and they were questioning themselves and their desires and talking about these things with eachother several times, even after the first time they had sex. They've grown to love eachother and want to have fun and make love an try new things with eachother. And the sex scenes aren't really even that explicit although sure I like to add fun bits for the readers to enjoy as well.

And there's nothing wrong with that. A bit of fan service doesn't automatically make the comic bad. There are lot of good BL comics there, some with more and some with less fan service. Transfusions is a BL comic, it says that in the header. It's a love story. If you want a webcomic that focuses more on the discovering yourself part, there are plenty of other good LGBT+ comics out there that do that.
@Guest: Hiya! This comic updates every Sunday so come back in a week :)
@plasticwrap: lmao I wouldn't call this shameless fan service! :D I'd say TF is one of the least shameless BL webcomics...

I really like the 4th panel, I can really feel the relief.
oh hey where're they going : o

(if you wanna get sketches of next week's pages today, become a patron perhaps :3 -> )
Who is surprised, honestly...
@Hilen: Hi Hilen, unfortunately I have no idea what causes this. Have you tried clearing the cookies? Maybe go to the Help Desk at Smackjeeves forums, maybe someone there can help :S Sorry!
another paper bag......
Joa's on his way to his bae.
True friends help you forget the bae.
A dream summer job?