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I'm a comic artist from Finland.
Give me chocolate and we can be friends.
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Well if you say so...
Hi there lil' buddy!
@CallMeCat: Hi Cat, I'm glad you like my comic so far, but I gotta say I don't really like "trigger" being used like that, when it's an actual thing that people with mental health issues have to deal with.

Also "rape face" is not cool, it's not funny.

I'm thinking you might not be old enough to read this comic.
Come on, Dylan. Don't say it like that.
Hey guys! Here's last week's pages for you finally. Tracon is over and I've had some time to rest. I had a really great time at the convention, thank you to everyone who stopped by at my table! <3
@Kpthecupcake: You can still have an orgasm.....
I wrote a news post on Saturday, I didn't have time to draw pages last week. I'll draw them sometime this week.
@The cat among women: They talked about it the first time they had sex.

Hi guys! I'm sorry for the unfinished pages, but I ran out of time before the Helsinki Comics Festival :'I I scheduled these pages on Friday and I think I'm currently on my way back from Helsinki to Tampere. I'll finish these pages in the near future, hopefully.
It's just me and all those thousands of readers out there, honey.

HEY! I just started a new webcomic at Hiveworks/Mary's Monster! It's called The Witch Door and you can find it here:
please follow me on tumblr (@kindlyanni) or twitter (@kindly_anni) for updates! :3
Transfusions will keep going as usual!
Go forth, Dylan!
@bosslovin18: I always post 2 pages. :> And yeah Worldcon was awesome! Thanks!
And all the girls say I pretty fly (for a white guy)
Hi guys! Sorry for the wait :'3
@Rosebud: He's fine!
He's fine!

EDIT: OH right I almost forgot! I will not update next week because I got tons of other things to work on right now and I'm super busy! Sorry! I will also be visiting the Worldcon in Helsinki next Saturday, come say hi if you see me! :)
Earth to Joa!
That's........... not as beautiful.