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@Leah: No there won't be physical books, I just call the bigger chunks of the story "Books", as you can see in the chapter covers. The first part of the story will be over after this chapter. There are two parts/books.
Hehe, BAT shit.

This will probably be the last chapter of Book 1! :O
We're at Joa's place again!
*Insert "I lied" rage comic here*
I know I said previous page was the last page of Chapter 14 but I felt like it still needed one more page for the sake of pacing so here you go. Now on to Chapter 15 ---->
Hhhhhh so, my arm and wrist have been acting up since Friday, and it still kinda hurts to even type, so I'm not taking any chances trying to draw comics today. Also I will be having an eventful next week and I don't have time to draw during it so I'm just gonna update next Sunday. I'm sorry for this. I hope you like this doodle from my sketchbook instead :'3

And if you like doodles and stuff you can check out my youtube channel while you wait for next Sunday. There I have sketchbook tours, doodle with me videos and other art videos:
You can also become a patron! My $2 patrons get scans of my newest sketchbook doodlees twice a month:

(ps. I don't need any advice or tips of wrist braces or stretching etc. It's not BAD bad so I think letting my arm rest for now will be enough. Thanks.)
@EGS: fixed.
We end chapter 14 on these smoochy smoos. uvu

Wanna see how chapter 15 today? Become a patron here:
@Shio: ugh you're right! The page uploading form fills text automatically and for some reason gave Chapter 13 instead of 14 OTL I'll fix this right away. Thanks for noticing.
Awww how nice. Yeah I totally understand, sometimes I fall behind on some comics because life gets in the way. Thank you and have a lovely day as well.
cuddles, cuddles were in mind.
You're late from our appointed cuddle meeting, mister.
@portisHeart: I'm sure Joa would cook for them.

I just mentioned Alf and needles because he doesn't donate blood like Angie does.
~ * f r i e n d s h i p * ~
Angie donates blood regularly.
Alf isn't fond of needles.
@Raiu Tempesta: Nnnnno he's just awkward.