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I'm a comic artist from Finland.
Give me chocolate and we can be friends.
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    Anni K.
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Hellooo! This week we have cute guest art by Red Ram!

"Hello, I'm Red Ram and I'm a big vampire fan!
I really enjoy reading Transfusions, it has the same kind of vampires I like.
I also make a vampire BL webcomic, it's called Midnight Coffee.
You can read it here:

You can also follow me on twitter & instagram: "

Thank you Red Ram!
@axis_rhys: Oh no D:
It's the last line of the author's comment here
October 15th, 2018
lmao that face ot determination
go Jon go!!
Hello everyone, sorry for the delay! This time we have a little dive into Joa's past with guest art by Mallaury:

"So HI I'm Mallaury knows as Maltes Mc Gee on internet (I mean if we can tell "knows"), I'm in my fourth year in a 3D animation school in Paris, I love drawing and modeling characters, the goth fashion of the 80's and nose (yeah weird right, I don't understand it either) also I have a little (huge) obsession with everything vampire, serial killer and gore related, which leads me to what make me discover Transfusions! (a funny story if you tell me)

So I think I first heard about Transfusion back in 2014, I was still in high-school and was too confused to search for non French comic so not a good start. BUT that was without a small coincidence that happened, one of the webcomic artist I was reading received a message from a fan saying that her characters were strangely looking like some from another webcomic (red hair vampire, shy dark-haired character being attacked) she immediately freaked out because she never had heard of it and didn't want anybody to think that she copy the characters (BTW except their hair are not that similar) , so she share the link of the web comic and OH Boi how glad I am she did! I literally read the whole thing until morning and read it over and over waiting for the next update. Basically I discover Transfusions because of a weird coincidence and really enjoy it right away.

For the guest art part, I guess first it was the design of Mark and Jess, I don't know they just seems so nice to me and then I discover their relationship with Joa and felt super sad for him (the whole moment when he cried blood remembering about his past, demn i never cried so much) and I don't know I just want to draw that part of his life that make me react so much.
Omg I feel like this is getting so long and it's so late by the time I write that but yeah just to say that Transfusions really marked me and in a way that I couldn't explain help me choose to work in a art field when I didn't know what to do with myself ^^'

Hope y' all are having a wonderful day!
Btw my social media are all maltes_mc_gee (so on Instagram and Twitter basically)"

Thank you Mallaury!
@Ume: I said I continue on November 4th.
Hello everyone! Today we have guest art by Memokkeen!

"Hi, I'm Memokkeen and I too enjoy reading Transfusions! ;)
I'm a big fan of Victorian clothing, so I took some inspiration for this piece from the 90s movie Interview With the Vampire. ♥

When I'm not enjoying reading this webcomic, I draw my own which is called Cockblock Kitties, and it's a tongue-in-cheek boylove comedy between two guys and their five cats... and a lotta almost-situations!
... sadly it's on a bit of a hiatus now. Otherwise, I draw lots of colourful illustrations, and work on various art projects. Feel free to follow me anywhere you'd like!

Some of my sites include: "

Thank you, Memokkeen!
Hello everyone! This week we have guest art by Takei!

"Under the penname Takei I’m an hobby artist from Germany drawing just whatever I feel like. I’m currently in between finishing my Bachelor and starting my Master in Japanese Studies as my main occupation. When I was accepted to take part as guest artist for Transfusions I was more than happy! I was recommended this Comic by a friend and immediately fell in love with the emotions/Feelings between the main characters. But it’s not only Dylan and Joa who caught my interest, but Angie especially! In my illustration I wanted to show a peaceful scene in which Dylan spends time with his friends and his boyfriend. I absolutely love Dylan’s friendship with Alf and Angie ; v ; Also Alf’s love for animals has me weak!!

You can find me on Tumblr @takei-draws and Twitter @TakeiShun."
September 24th, 2018
Oh Maaria this page is so good it’s such a good page Maaria I’m laughing at the airport!
Hello everyone! If the scheduling worked you're seeing this post on Sunday while I'm still in Thought Bubble.
This week you have guest art by Kinea:

"I once saw Anni’s livestream and thought: “Boys love and vampires? I should read this comic!”
Nevertheless, this non stereotypic comic has so much more to offer. I really fell in love with the amazing and unique characters and the deep story, but also with Anni’s art style and the pointedly storytelling. Thank you for sharing Transfusions with us, Anni. <3
I’m happy I could make this little guest art. I hope everyone out there enjoys it too.
I’m a hobby artist who loves drawing fanart of great freelancer’s comics and my own OCs. You can see another Transfusions fanart from me here:

Best wishes,

Thank you Kinea!
Hello everyone! Quick announcement/reminder! I'll be in Thought Bubble (Leeds, UK) next weekend, exhibiting in the ComiXology Marquee, table 181 with my friends H-P Lehkonen and Sara Valta. If you're in TB come say hi! :)

This week's Hiatus Guest Art is by Mangsney!

I'm a French freelance translator in my 30s living in London. I enjoy writing and drawing, but I'm slow so I don't produce much for either. I was struggling to come up with an idea for this guest art, and a friend gave me a few: Joa wearing Dylan's glasses / Vampire!Dylan / Dylan wearing Joa's jacket... So I merged the last two, looked at some of Anni's illustrations for style inspiration, added some textures and gradients because I love both, made his eyes pop out a bit because I love that too, and here we are! :D This is completely AU, of course, but I think Dylan would make the cutest vampire; how could you refuse giving him some blood when he looks at you with those big eyes??

I can be found here:

Yeah who could say no to such a cute vampire? Thank you Magnsney!
Thank you Kaylee!
Hello! Thank you for so many kind, loving and supportive comments last week! And thank you everyone who stopped by at my table this weekend in Tracon. It was so nice to see so many readers, I'm super duper happy I got to meet you :)

Now it's time for some Hiatus Guest Art! First is a cute 2-page-comic by Kaylee/Kayworx.

I'm Kaylee - Kayworx on most of the internet! I make a comic called Until Sunset, which you can read on SmackJeeves, Tapas or LINEWebtoon! It's about a guy that meets an injured merman on the beach and helps nurse him back to health, and is set in South Africa!

In prep for this short comic I read over chapter 13 and 15 of Tranfusions again, and there was one bit where Dylan just wanted cuddles, and that stuck with me. So here's an extra dose for cuddles for Dylan! I hope you liked it!
You can find me on Twitter at KaywroxX and Instagram at Kayworx <3
@Chippy: Hi Chippy please read the artit's comment. It's the first one.
September 3rd, 2018
Everything what ered said! :D
Also, I love that face in the last panel!
@GayDumbass: NO! D:
@Let gasp: hey please if you're underage reading mature comic first of all you shouldn't be reading a mature comic, and second don't go telling your age if/when you read it anyway :') I'm glad you like my comic but yikes.
@Been Here Since Day 1: aw thank you so much for such a kind comment. I'm glad you've stayed around. Thank you!
That’s it. That’s the first part of Transfusions. It took me over 8 years!
Thank you so much for reading this far. Thank you readers who’ve stuck around since this comic started, thank you readers who’ve hopped on along the way, thank you readers who just got here today!

Transfusions will have a second part, Book 2. I’ll try to make it a bit more compact than Book 1 so that it doesn’t take me another 8 years. Whereas Book 1 focused on developing Joa and Dylan’s relationship, Book 2 will have a bit more action, and I’ll introduce a bunch of new characters.

But before starting Book 2 I’ll take a 2 month break from Transfusions. As much as I love this comic and these characters, I really, really need a break. BUT! I have some lovely readers who have done fantastic guest art, and I’ll feature one each week here while the comic is on break. So look forward to those.

My other webcomic The Witch Door still continues while Transfusions is on a hiatus, so if you haven’t already, go check it out at
You can also follow me on twitter @kindly_anni and tumblr @kindlyanni
Next weekend you can find me in Tracon at the artist alley, and on 22.-23. of September I’ll be attending Thought Bubble in Leeds, UK! I’ll have some zines and new merch available there!

Transfusions will (hopefully) continue on the 4th of November.

summer studies are over!
there are still more pages --->