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I'm a comic artist from Finland.
Give me chocolate and we can be friends.
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@monksealmoon: Sorry, I forgot to reply. A vampire doesn't die from not drinking blood, they just go into like a hibernation mode kinda.
I did sound a bit like that tbh, yeah.
wait wait wait
@Al: @sstogner1: I forgot to add to the first page, but it's been several days. Almost a week.
Does he look okay??
Aaaand we're back! Happy New Year!
@TechGrl: :'''DDD oh no!!
Have safe, warm and comfy holidays everyone! Thanks for reading Transfusions, I'll see you next year :)
<3 Anni
Happy Holidays!! :))))

Three pages today because this scene ends here and I didn't wanna make you wait a few weeks of it because of the holidays.

So I'll be taking a little break, spend the holidays in lapland again, with my family. Transfusions will continue next year, on January 7th!

Happy Holidays everyone! Take care! :3
<3 Anni
There's one more page today!! ->
there he goes
Dylan is too exhausted to think before talking....

Oh hey, just a reminder, I currently have another wecomic that is published at Mary's Monster, that is part of Hiveworks. The comic is called The Witch Door and you can read it here:
And if you'd be so kind as to disable any ad blocks you might have on your browser, that would help me a lot. Thank you! <3
Aaaaand here we go again.
Aww, thank you so much, happy holidays to you too 🙂
Oh boy... :S

Thank you so much Säikky for all the hospital/medical info! ´ 3 ` <3
Welcome back, dear.
@TheVampWolfGirl: Quick!
@WingFreak: Part of it is maybe that too yeah but it's just that there's a loooot of snow so it's very difficult to move in it.
@Guest: Thank you!