I'm a comic artist from Finland.
Give me chocolate and we can be friends.
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    Anni K.
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@Diony02: Ayyy nice, you remembered :D
You're welcome :3c
@Malla: Happy birthday! :)
@NixLaurel: You will.
Joa Miller is many things but he is not a quitter.
Whad did he expect...?
@di-chan: Aww thank you very much, hearing this makes me very happy :)
@Quadrant: maybe actually "just" 50-100 photos :'D But I ain't drawing them!

Oh just you wait...
@Rema: Sure go ahead! :3
@Rema: A few people have linked me a post on tumblr about this and the reflection thing in Transfusions has nothing to do with silver. Being a vampire is tragic.
His phone is running out of memory otherwise he'd go on forever.
This boy is drunk.

a little.
@Sam: Almost 7 yo! I'll be updating 2 pages tomorrow. :)
@tayahmaya: I know and it's been commented a few times as well. Dylan doesn't know that.
@Quadrant: He's getting the camera ready :B but he'll definitely take pics of that ass.
Should you what a what?