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I'm a comic artist from Finland.
Give me chocolate and we can be friends.
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    Anni K.
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uh-oh :SSS
There he goes..... :S
Look at your life, Dylan. Look at your choices.
@Nep: @legal22girl: @Katzuvo: it's showing now.
@Wiiolis: Well he IS less creepy usually.
What if I say no?
Can you tell he's done?
Oh, sure.
Yeah he's getting hangry...
He thought that Carolyn would probably take care of Alf but Angie might not have anyone to check on her.
Joa you can't just say that to your boyfriend!
way to go, Dylan.
Hi guys! Sorry for the unfinished pages this time! I too part in the 24-hour comics day challenge this weekend and I'm soooooo tired, I'll finish the pages as soon as I've rested a little.
keep an eye on my twitter (@kindly_anni) and/or tumblr (@kindlyanni) for the 24h comic, I will scan and post it somwhere maybe tomorrow...?
@mleb: No.
@Guest: Dylan is a big boy and lives by himself. His mom lives outside of the town.
@Guest: Yes.
@Someone: :^)

Hi guys, only 1 actual comic page this time, as I'm going back to Tampere and leaving lapland tomorrow and I need to pack and all and spend some time with my parents :')