I'm a comic artist from Finland.
Give me chocolate and we can be friends.
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@Fabulous Genderfluid Pan: What do you mean by an amino?
@DanishWolf: @komae akabane:
It is what you think it is.
Why you look so bothered, Joa?
"It's a Linkin Park album so you can listen to "Crawling in my skin" while you angst."
Dylan, getting gifts is not that hard, just be more considerate and less lazy.
Welp, at least Dylan is gonna get his butt kicked by Angie.

I got the gift idea from the Transfusions FB group (
Thanks guys!
Hi guys, sorry for the wait! Here are the new pages!
@MamaMagz: Sure go ahead. Thanks for asking :>
Angie's not the type to be bitter about being single, she just wants her friends to grow up.
I... don't think.... that Dylan can manage any kind of a dance... at all.
@Rema: Yeah you can find some fanfics here:
@DarkLemon: A little bit yeah.
@Al: There will be 2 books but I dunno how many chapters.... .__.
@b3nc0: Haha I will try to make the second book a little bit more compact than the first one :'D
Alf you should get out of your comfort zone every now and then...
Hey everyone! I'm back! I had a very nice Easter holiday in Lapland :) I hope you had a nice one as well.
we jump a bit forward in time now...
@Chimamire no Ichigo: There's another page, it just took a while to write the author comments.