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I'm a comic artist from Finland.
Give me chocolate and we can be friends.
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@b3nc0: LMAO I thought It looked a bit weird :'D What a brain fart. Thanks. I'll fix it now.
You say that now..
smooches first

There's a third page again today ----->
beeb beeb time to go!
@Trinity: This comic updates on Sundays.
Aww Dylan :'''3
There's one more page !! ------>
Hello guys, sorry for the wait! I was struggling with Joa's hair, again..... OTL
Sorry chippy I’m still making them. Come join the livestream at
Aw this made me really happy, I’m glad you enjoy my comic 😌 thank you!
It's the day...
Wow it's been 8 whole years! Thank you everyone, those who discovered this comic just last week and those who've been here since the beginning, and everyone between!

I'll be at the artist alley of Tracon during the whole weekend, and I also have a programme on Sunday with my friend ered about our favorite moments in Bleach! Please come check it out. Here's Tracon's website:

In Thought Bubble I have an exhibitor table with H-P Lehkonen and Sara Valta. It's my first time in the UK! I'll be selling my english comic zines and some smaller goodies like stickers, postcards and bookmarks. Here's TB's website:

I'll be also going to the Helsinki Comics Festival in the beginning of September, but just as a visitor. But if you see me there come say hi! :)
Dylan is pleased.
When I started making Transfusions, printing webcomics wasn’t a thing. They were just webcomics. And I’ve only ever thought of Transfusions as a webcomic. I would have to edit hundreds of pages to make it printable, because I didn’t prepare for it from the beginning. And I still like the idea of oldschool webcomics, that they’re free and accessible for everyone.
Smackjeeves does allow mature content, that’s why there is a mature content warning when you come to read Transfusions. As long as it follows rules (it’s not just porn for example) it’s allowed.
It’s not that simple. Tongue is quite small, it doesn’t reach far and doesn’t stay in other’s mouth that much comparing to if you take a dick in your mouth and suck it. Joa is not saying a dick *would* turn to ash, but food does and he doesn’t know what would happen so he wanted to point out that there is a risk, and Dylan is not willing to take that risk.
No, well depends on the tehnique I guess but kissing with a bit of a tongue is not the same as sucking a dick 🤔
smoochy smoo