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November 22nd, 2014
Cool Maybe this time I can get my entry in on time even though I have had issues with my computer and this is the first time I have seen this since it was posted lol.

Now just to come up with ideas...
Sorry I was too late, thanks for running the contest though, I too am confused by the lack of participation, especially with the double extension we got.
Buck naked space marine..... well at least the lack of all that bulky ass armor should give him a dodge save or some shit like that.

The image in the 18+ gallery is a broken link.
Hell you would think that they would let her go considering she saved the Fateseer.

I like her, she is goofy enough without being ridiculous. Besides who can stay mad at a chick with nice tits who shoves her pussy into the face of someone trying to kill her instead of attacking them back?

Also I have been working on a render of Selene, I had hoped to get it done in time for the contest but making the overlays for her markings took longer than I had hoped. Everything won't be perfect but I think it will be close enough.
I wondered how long it would take for them to make another appearance. I thought those blades looked familiar lol.
Not with only 3 missiles.
Nah she is not the one he saved. The one he saved was a blond Now she might be the one that shot him earlier in the story. I guess we will find out soon.
Lelith Hesperax is the champion of the arena in Commoragh She is so good that she has never been touched her skin is perfect and without scars.
Sounds like fun. Can we do both art and writing?
Mandrakes didn't used to have anything to do with the warp they were just shadow-skinned dark eldar that could hide like nobodies business.I think he is going off the old description.
I like this so far. Somehow I kinda figured that you might find some way to add another character to the group...or several since the welcoming committee seems to have to run from the rest of the dark eldar that showed up.

Now we just have to wait to see how it all works out :P
Kor'la needs his ass kicked I think...AGAIN.

Have fun at the con dude ill be going to GenCon myself. Starting tomorrow. Too bad I have to work Friday and Saturday...
lol well I think I would strangle him as well. Especially since it looks like he had something to do with their somewhat non-standard ...landing.
Karanragh ... Because dark eldar and hey it's purple.
Nice one. Can't go wrong with naked space elf chicks.

Love the little poke at gw. They just need to be run by people who love the games and want them to continue not like they are now.
Hey can't go wrong with naked eldar chicks, even if they are covered with a sheet. I like the story so far.

Oh and don't let the chucklefucks on 4chan get to you when you post there, just keep on drawing.