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nu-uhh! please don't go, I love this comic so much ;_;
October 24th, 2011
mother rainbow! I've been waiting for so long! ;w;
We're still here, waiting for more! ^,^
eeeek! *w* <faints>
I didn't ever supposed, that stuck plot could go like this! 9_9 and thats some nice backgrounds, I love the colors.
mature raczej nie content. ostatni kadr to ju┼╝ niemal seks (yay! :P) a co w tym drugim taka pikseloza? :3
your comic seems interesting but i swear, i cant read your handwriting ;_;
if my love greet me like this after three years of just writing letters i would kill him with dull knife D< that cold twit made Liam sad! D8
YES! Liam seme! I've been waiting for this like forever!
this comic need either a sequel or some smexy doujinshi. or both. >D
thank you Miyuli, good job 8D