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Hello, I'm River! I'm here on Smackjeeves to read other people's comics and sometimes comment on them.

Anything Nintendo! (Mostly Pokemon) So yeah, that's pretty much it. I used to read Warriors, and I'm also into the Hunger Games.
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Man, even Chatot didn't notice Avis left the group. He's so good at his job.
Man, you're really good at drawing Axew! I remember seeing parts of this page streamed, and how much time you spent drawing Avis.
Hmm... did Gengar forget what movies were over time... or had they not existed back before he met Ninetales?

Hmm, that's interesting. If Buried Relic and Purity Forest are both accessible from this area, as well as the guild from PMD2, it makes me wonder if the Regis are still going to be there, seeing as they were also located in Aegis Cave in PMD2.
Here comes Barlo, speaking to us through a great new style!
With as little as I've played of the Gamecube games, that's one name I actually recognize. And man is Jen more well mannered than she is. Way to go, girl.
Rodney has such great faces. But when does he not?
Yeah, I thought so. I would've continued poking it too.

And they bought the bag, and clearly aren't nobodies.
@SpeedBoostTorchic: Maybe you can move these pages into the filler category? I'd rather have the "Latest" comic link go to the most recent page in the prologue, rather than go to this page over and over again.
The other Kecleon has a derp expression on his face. And then he doesn't appear anywhere else in the page. I can see him just standing there with that expression and then slowly vanishing into thin air... well, besides the stripe of course.

Also makes me wonder if Purple Kecleon has any problems with Duskull.

... Also, what if they buy a bag touched by a ghost? Does that make them nobodies?
I still can't believe that's not Ginji. Or at least a clone of him, psh.
But hey, no need to stress over a name.
Oh wait...
I'm all like, omg that Pikachu looks so well drawn but I can't place the artist.

Of course it's SpeedBoostTorchic. And I swear I get that same reaction every time I see art from him, outside of his comic. I guess from now on if I think something looks amazing and can't place the artist, then I'll assume he drew it.

It's silly because I just finished reading the latest two pages of his comic too...
And this is still the prologue.

And then chapter one starts with a random explosion. Oops.
Gigi's just fluffy. That's all I get out of her reaction. And clearly I'm not the only one.

Also, I went back to see if Lapras said "Hold on" which it's pretty clear she didn't as Ginkgo is the only one actually holding on.
Team Jell-o, YES!
And basically spoilers for anyone who hasn't played Blue/Red Rescue Team.

It is hard to believe that a stone was created to teleport two Pokemon into the sky that could walk on clouds. Well, depending on what kind of physics are known in the Pokemon world. So there's no reason to say Rodney isn't being logical about his decision of beliefs.
I think this takes place after PMD2, so he's probably taking about the human from that story.
And possibly the human from the first game too, since there was a Wigglytuff who managed friend areas.
Oh woah, this comic has returned from its death.
New drawing style and all!
I remember leaving a comment about this on your DA a few months ago. I figured you weren't done with this.
Hmm... Spyro might already know that Hillaree, so might as well fight together now before things fall apart.
I don't think that time Hillaree took to argue with Spyro did anything for either of them.
It's great to see you make another Mystery Dungeon comic!
It's so pretty, and I like how you show all of the characters.