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Best evermanga and anime Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note.

I like to travel, cooking same tame .
I like to meet interesting people over the world ,that is one of the reason i love to travel .

I am olso ply games on Playstation1,2,3 and PSP
Books: Death Note: Another Note- Los Angeles BB Murder Cases
is one of my favors xd .
A what to try everything that has offer this world to me .

I love good company with interesting and spicy girls!.

I hight boring stories!!!!!!!!!!!
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I hope you like them.
October 12th, 2010
Nice xdxd..
We decided to make some tweaking in the Manga i hope you will like them >.<.

@sakurasaki92 :thek you i hope you will like this too.
@sbdrag : Me too .
Nice xd..
Good quality xd..
Yes you made it to page 20 xdxd...
Long time to see ...
Nice hat.....
boys bye boys xd..
From the new chapter the entertainment will begun XD..
Pages will be added Tuesday and Friday.
Nice xd..
That door is awesome xd...
Very good xd..
I like to see more blood xd.
If you woned sol the mystery you need red Greek story .
I am proud to be Greek xdxdxdxdx..
I love blood xd..
I think the sword is too small.
Come on xd..