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I know this is Patrick because I'm, a regular reader. But to me, Patrick on this page looks almost EXACTLY like Peter. It's not a problem of more blondes in the comic, it's a problem of details.
The voting incentive Christo is SCARY.
Someone will pull a knife. Or Devon will finish Patrick off with a rabbit punch, which he received from Peter at the end of his own baptism of fist. Only Devon's punch will be less controlled and finish Pat off for good.

Also, interesting how this fight also marks an artistic breakthrough in Pictures of You, the square panels have given way to explosive assymetrical splashes of color, each one a punch in its own right.
So what are Devon's good character traits?
Erm, why is Alexander reading the blank side of the letter?
Patrick got outcooled!
Alexander rocks. He will always rock.
Alexander has enviable composure :D
One of top 5 Peter expressions ever. Revenge!
Mr. Twist, why the sudden prudishness? you didn't have problems showing graphic content before.
Well now
@jd_singer: (wife's band) pix or it didn't happen
Just to make it clear, I was talking about the "That was MINE!" part... it's not about protecting his sister for him anymore, it's about his personal satisfaction, seems selfish.
Lol, what?
Who would've thought Patrick of all people would turn out to be that immature?
How long until we learn the extent of Devon's injuries, dammit?!
Weekend cliffhanger: did Peter kill him?

Anyone remember Begbie from Trainspotting? He was a psycho and everyone feared him. But they also liked it when he beat other people for them. We'll see how Peter's friends react after they see what their encouragement of his violent ways has produced.
Make us a forum!
So reidavidson said:
"@Gibson - Make us a forum already damnit."

Could be cool. This works too though. Dunno.
JD_Singer're one hard worker :D

That's a good answer you posted. Keep in mind that I was trying to point out that Peter may be a character written without balance - very strong, no one ever gets the better of him. Where's the bigger fish?
Where did Peter learn to fight like that? Why isn't Devon fighting back? He was eager to use his fists here: -16/
JD Singer says...
"Oh, and I counted eight "fuck" in three panels. Does it make him a little cooler? (Or is it just too much?)"

Well, according to

Yes. Yes it does make him cooler.
Isn't a comic artist who hates one of his characters like a god who hates a man he created? Devon should become an atheist.