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January 25th, 2018
girl the fuck did you do?!
@portisHeart: lol thats what I was thinking. He's covered in jewellery! Damn guy is fucking rocking with gold chains
The sadistic side of me wants someone to interrupt them right at this moment
This bitch empty, YEET!
\(._.)/ aliens
I'm really liking this comic a lot, but Im a lttle confused atm, are they servants, why are they on this sanctuary place, and do all of them have mutations or just fleur, why does he have the mutations in the first place?
@otakukitty: God imagine being so opinionated you feel the need to post a long, useless, and unnecessary comment that was clearly meant to insult and be-little the author;and that stereotypes men as binary robots who can't experiment with sexuality. Gender and sexuality isn't always certain or constant, shit happens, shit changes.
I was about to say I don't know the total effects of chlorine but I would think that doing the sexy times in a pool would probably lead to some sort of infection
-_- great
huh I thought Claudius was a bottom XP just wondering though, this is ancient rome, claudius is the emperors son and now lusting for Athal leads me to ask is there going to be rape in this comic because if so a warning would be nice. And like not just a authors comment warning on said page like maybe a page before hand warning or something like that
No one can tell me that was not a mean girls reference
Great! because I can't donate -.- which always kind of suck but I'm tight on cash
I fucking love Dice's facial reactions
really hope you don't plan on doing that to your other comic
Damn that treasure trail
So where do their clothes go when they transform
Shuno looks like he wants to eat him
A resuqest type thing I guess
I was wondering if you could do a little drawing tutorial on how you draw bodies, hands, and hair.
Good luck on your finals!
April 22nd, 2014
Is Kleio going to be married or something?!