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Oh, it seems you've made the horrible mistake of visiting my page, how unfortunate for you.
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Name: GAH
Feather Color: Vivid Pink
Head Feather Style: Maximum Over-Feather
Plumage Color: Radioactive Green
Accessory: Smol Hula Hoop
Beak Style: Toucan
Eye Color: Purple
[Audible Gasp of Wonderment]
Hey, I've updated Daniel's sprites and name (it is now Daniel M. Redfall as opposed to S. Daniel Foster) recently you may want to use these sprites for future updates:
Just thought I'd let you know.
Oh and Chamas. Do you or Darman have a Skype? (Contact purposes.)
Jesus, look at this mess I made a while back, so noobish and low quality by my current standards. I really have come a long way since this and I'll definitely be redoing this sometime in the near future.
I still read the comic. (Also might make an update might not, no promises. My "update" will be a redo of my intro. Good lord did I screw up with that.) Anyway, Rule 63 when you least expect it.
Annnd, if you haven't already noticed I have fav'd this comic sometime today. (Also, Blarg.)
Green eggs don't sound very healthy or green ham for that matter.
@BlueyKid: For the love of Blargus, stop fueling the flames.
How 'bout I advertise the comic on DA and some other comics I'm a part of?
An update? From me? Madness. Anyway this is my newest version of Daniel for anyone who remembers him, currently W.I.P. (MMZ/MMZX Style)
@Alex the Dark: Correction; 6TH WALL BROKEN!
So it's one of THOSE days, hmm? Well, everyone has one of those days at some point.
And so we learn a bit more about the Infectorum.