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you can't feel shame about what you make... if you do, everybody will feel shame about your stuff...
everything will be fine if you create with your hearth =)


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any question, suggestion, etc, please tell me!
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end of the chapter...
well... I gotta say I really liked that punch! xD
@Stanger7: Ive changed the typo to AnimeAce from chapter 4... I should change those first chapter better and fix those tying errors =)
its hard to upload page by page... should I upload the complete chapter monthly?
finally they've arrived! now from here the real adventures begins... and the first part of this comic! I wanna thanx everyone who is reading to this part c: hope you continue enjoying this comic!
@Hero of Comedy: lol, I didn't notice that... xD thanx and now is fixed
as you can see from this chapter the design will looks like a little... weird. that's becouse this pages were the first ones that I use the gray scale. (the first chapters were just in white) I think a remasterisation is not needed... but maybe I could one day if you think they are too much... weird xD
pos si, yo creo que es como la manera mas fácil de calmarlos hoy en día xDD
@DamnedComics: Thanx! and... well I think she was inspired by Jupiter... xDD
pobrecito Skelly igual D: lo dejan botado y ahora lo tratan así =/
=0! se puso roja! algo pasa ahi (?) xD
fight! fight! fight!
well i'm back...
I was on the beach... hohoho 8D
well... I don't say anymore...
be nice and don't eat chuchoca =D
peor que no pueda hacer el truco es que es menor de edad y no puede fumar xD
...perdon jessy pero eres la sidekick :/
juasjuas xd young boy xD
aaaah cierto!! ahi esta! se me habia olvidado xd tonses sigue el 3 y por cierto... felices fiestas =D
graxx *3*
sigue el 2 osea el 2 verdadero no la parte 2 del 1 osea el cap 2 amm se entendio? xDD
end of the first part of the first chapter :D

if you like it, suggests this comic to your friends ;) hahaha

all comments are wellcome, just be nice ^0^
2 more pages for the end of the first part of chapter one... :D
comment if you like it... :P
Chuk... ah no... me ganaron xD
capitulo 6 ya... como pasa el tiempo... 8D
first episode completed!
I'll upload it if you want to download :D
add to your faves, it's free!! xD
or become a fan on "yamanaoki" page on Facebook
for know more about this comic ^0^
be nice and eat fruits and vegetables xD