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It's super effective!

Rodney fainted...
And has brain hemorrhage...
*Bug-net Incoming*
Ha! I was just thinking about that.
Plot Twist!

They're both thieves as well and they all formed a heist
I know the perfect solution to this. A water bucket.

..............too dark?
Better being caught in a comfy cage than trying to survive in the woods, park, her backyard or wherever they are.

...unless she's into squishing.
GAH! Who's that guy with the rabbit avatar!? Oh wait, it's Josephk. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?
So yea, once upon a time I got bored and thought, "Hey I have some free time, what should I use this for?" Then I decided to use it for fixing various problems that both Honey and Zaiku have.

Honey: (Fun-Fact: She could Wall-Jump and do an Air Tackle all along)
o Added a Combo Cut for her Axe Kick.
o Gave her a new Special Move (Down, Back, Kick "Good priority and can dodge certain projectiles")
o Gave her two Hyper Attacks (Forward, Back, Down, Forward, Punch) (Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Punch "Counters blockers")
o Fixed her intro, lose, and win states
o Improved her AI (Don't worry, it's not too different from the others... but watch out for her Axe Kick, she's pretty smart)
o Gave her some victory dialogs.

Zaiku: (Fun-Fact: If you stop on his 5th Punch Combo, the foe will float and be completely vunerable to any follow-ups)
o Added a Combo Cut for his 5th Combo Punch.
o Allegedly fixed a crash where Zaiku stops on his "5th Punch" and follows-up with a "Light Kick" (Altering an already altered yaccels is apparently a bad thing)
o Gave him two Hyper Attacks (Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Punch) (Down, Back, Down, Back Punch)
o Fixed his lose and win states
o Slight tweak to his AI (Very much likely to try and punch you in the face when you're near. Also at low health, he'll start charging at ya)

Probable next fix = Lemon (But that is if I find more free time)
See ya!
Sooooo... where's Jolteon? o:
February 15th, 2017
I've found my new favorite comic.
@Halosty: Well you never know who he'll run into. He could encounter this Gym Leader's friend, relative or whatever and as soon as he/she hears Atticus, he'll have to flee to Hoenn. The police can't help him escape everytime. (Wow this came out incredibly ironic)
(While slowly backing away) Well you see... once upon a time I partook in this trade of "Wonder" and through pure luck I got this Eevee- RUN!!
Well... at this point Atty should just get a fake ID and flee to Johto.
Watch as this Pokemon freaks out and attacks Atticus.

That or the Gym Leader recognizes it and everything gets super serious.
JK still barely has any sprites. Maybe next time.
Remember when Atty sent out Fish and everyone on the ship laughed at him?

Guess that's why he refuses to use him.
The tag team super works like this.

Character on the stage waits until Ally is near > Both of them do a Hyper/Super/Tag/Whatever Move > Character that used the move tags out and Ally takes over.


Character on the stage dies before ally is near > Ally feels awkward for a bit > Ally takes over. No FS combo? When did he say that?

Also I've actually experimented with the tag team system once and learnt that I can have have characters default to their HYPER state when used with allies they don't know.

(Example: Don using Blazing River while Sans uses Cyclone Lift simultaneously)

But I assumed that actual tag teams would have a unique attack scheme. Reason why I was raising an eyebrows when I saw so many CC tag team moves.

(Unrelated note: The tag team system was pretty fun to mess around with lol)
Prepare for another wall of text If you plan on having both of these attack choreography, then make the command something different for the second one.

1st Tag Team Combo:
(Fire Back and Forth Across Screen...)
Are they attacking together similiar to the Koopa Bros (From SMBZ) "Super Special Technique" or do they separate after charging? Also are they bouncing off the walls or simply going off camera and returning?

(Fire from top all the wall to bottom back and forth...)
Ok, they're definitely going off camera, else they'll just be teleporting.

(Loops like this from it appearance til end)
I thought he teleports near sonic?

2nd Tag Team combo:
(Sonic Enters Combo by Jumping...)
Ok, a simple introductory. I get it

(Loops like this from it appearance til end)
Wait, is this CC intro or is it just the animation of his spinning attack?

(Tosses/Charge Attack until lands then kicks in front of CC)
So Sonic throws CC into the air and both of them do one last attack?

That's pretty much what I think. Mind keeping the info a little more clear so that we won't make mistakes in the game?

And also, geez! Don't you think CC has enough Tag Team moves. I wouldn't have my characters tag team with strangers unless their somewhat similiar OR knows the other guy for quite a long time.
Lemon and Claude would go together since they love using their blasters.
Clyde and FS would go together since they're both failed clones of the original, Claude and BH Kevin.
Josephk and Claude would go together because, well, they're sort of a crew (Nathan included (He's that goldish colored cat)).

Even if Kevin ever becomes a character, I would probably have him tag team with Marley since he cameo'd in Furthest Adventure.