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Well this was a nice trip down memory lane ^v^
Such a shame some of the pages were lost....

It'll be nice if Sonic Boom gets revived but I won't be able to take part in the reboot. I'm too busy irl.
September 30th, 2018
Oh shit an update!
August 27th, 2018
That pesky rat
Wait, does that mean Két can speak emojii?
Mah heart. Mah soul
Aw hell yea now we're talking!

I'm not even gonna pick sides, I just wanna see some action
Why did I just read that in Kratos' voice?
"Thanks Silverado!"
Wtf? Damaru, how do you forget the blood thirsty maniac who could possibly 1-shot you in the middle of a heated battle!?
Someone's gonna lose another arm...
Oh please, it's just a flesh wound.
Well, I'm off to the nearest bomb shelter. See ya guys
I can just picture Mighty grinning at the chance to claim Sonic's spotlight.
They're gonna be blasted so hard they'll be back in World 11 before they know it.

Man I should read up on this comic more often.
*Sees Combo 2*
Welp... -_-'
Least it'll be easy to program ^-^
@GokentoPower: Sorry for late reply!
When you say making the characters available for download, do you mean characters that weren't released yet? Or making all current characters available for download on other sites?

For the first one, I'm not working on any new characters anymore, that's a question for Abro.

For the second one, I've planned on doing it before in the past but stopped because I thought owners of the character may disapprove of it.
@GokentoPower: From the look of things, he didn't claim he made it, only re-uploaded the file onto that site to make it more easier to find.

Don't see much of a problem, these kinds of stuff happen pretty normal on that site (minus the name change, he's just trolling on that one).

Edit: Probably a fan of Author Battles Sonic (aka Sonic 2019) The speed bar for Classic CC was actually my idea. There came a point where I thought, "Know what? Why not have him regain his OP powers as time goes, but lose it after he reaches max potential." The coding for it must've been terrible lol (since spamming X maxes it out pretty quickly, should have made it gain value "On Hit" instead of "During Hit")
Modern CC almost got that treatment as well but I got lazy.

Reason why I said he wasn't finished was due to balance (and the fact that Aerial A doesn't do much along with the fact that his portal move has no sound but balance kept my attention)

Now that I've looked back on it, as a stand-alone MUGEN character he'd be alright if I just focus on removing his infinites (and the Aerial A- know what, just copy and paste Modern CC's coding for it) Here's a quick summary as to why

I wanted to upload CC 1 and CC 2 together but due to technical difficulties, balance issues, and whatnot, I had to postpone them. One of the biggest issue was the controls.

X: light attack 1 | Y: medium attack 1 | Z: heavy attack 1
A: light attack 2 | B: medium attack 2 | Z: heavy attack 2

X: charge attack | Y: summon ally | Z: kick
A: boomerangs | B: rush | C: blaster

The control scheme ultimately created a deadlock for me to balance him with all the other characters.
Nerf him, he dies too easily because he's overall too different and too difficult.
Buff him, you got "Recharge 4 Lemon" all over again, spamming charged shots from a distance and pushing you away if you get close.
Can't balance him by changing numbers anymore so I had to straight up re-work him, but due to how limiting the sprite sheets were (suffered the same issue with Gokento back then as well), I pretty much kept heading back to the same scenario.
I didn't want to release them in terrible condition so I just put them on hold so that I can make progress on other characters.

Looked around on my old PC to find the latest build of them, this was it (Beware, they're still not finished)