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You know, I could totally see Atty looking like Toby when he's older.
I don't know, I think it's a pretty accurate drawing of Atty's sleep-deprived face.
I hope for Atty's sake that this doesn't give her evil ideas of keeping awake all night from now on!
@Guest: In order for someone's compliment to make you happy, you kind of have to respect and care about their opinion. And also maybe not have just been paraded through an "art gallery" of amateur art that was being praised as masterpieces.

And, yeah, definitely a little distracted.
Pfft, poor guy, just face-down and bleeding all over the floor.
Atty's been the straight man, the one sane person in a world of crazy people, but he's been, albeit loudly, tolerating it.

Little harder to tolerate things when under stress and lacking sleep. Ooooh, I feel a storm coming.
The Dragonite and Kingler are my favorite! Such lovable derps! xD

I can't quite identify the one to the left of Pidgeot.
@Jedipikachu9009: Ha! No, I didn't mean political correctness. Just general kindness - usually to H0ly, though. She is doing us a huge favor in sharing her story/art, skills, though, so I suppose that kind of kindness *should* be expected. ;P
It looks like they held a Pokemon drawing contest for children. xD

I love the ornate frames around each one. It's kind of like the rest of the club - making big deals about something that might not be that great after all.
@UnfriendlyRegionalSpiderman: Is it weird that I loved this whole string of dialogue? Too often someone is called out, and instead of being apologetic, they get defensive and angry. You guys are all awesome. The comments for this comic always tend to be pretty understanding and kind.

...And because of the rest of the comments on this thread, I can't get the Ferris Bueller song out of my head. Some deep thoughts, this strange Weepinbell picture stirs up... or maybe Atty just really needs to get some sleep.
"He's just fine" is probably one of the best compliments Rat has ever gotten from Atty.
@Demonstrife: Likely stuck somewhere in its intestinal tract...
@Guest: Of all the Pokemon, why Skitty?
I love how he wakes up from bed with dirt on his face. Has he ever been clean? lol.
I love all of George's grins, especially when they look borderline psychotic xD
It's a good thing that George's mind is too... simple to be influenced by Atty. But someone had to give eventually.
What a bright and talkative bunch!
@King_Kindred: It's not just that he's changing, I think he also might be realizing that George is his best connection to the insanity of this world, haha
@Danny: 5PP? What move do you think Venus is using? Absorb has 25PP.

I know that H0ly makes Atty suffer for laughs, but she's not going to make things unrealistic, or at least insanely difficult. I don't know how she'd catch any high level Pokémon with her team. She also doesn't really look like she has an ace hidden up her sleeve.
Uh-oh, Atty, no! She's going to think you actually care and are thoughtful!