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I am me! Enough said!
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Long Time No See
Nice to see you back! Hope everything is going well. I am here if you need to talk or just hang out.
September 19th, 2017
Kick him in the family jewels. After all he has done he deserves to lose and in the most humiliating way possible.
Yes, he likes her.
The more I see and learn of Paska the more I hate her. She is the epitome of a psychopath.
And people wonder why some join team rocket when this is a reaction Atty got when just trying to do something during an unfair and unjustified duel.
Would be hilarious if the charizard tries to eat Fish and ends up choking and Atty wins.
After all these years, maybe I should commission Scarlet. Let me know your plans for the coming holidays. Maybe we can meet up and do something.
I vote yes. Jinx is playing with her heart too much. She deserves someone who will take care of her whether woman or man. She needs someone who will be a stone so she can start to recover from her childhood. Someone who is only interested in her best interest and not an ulterior motive. I am not saying this has to be the end game and I really don't want Belie or Pita to be hurt if they do have a relationship of sorts but I think the two need each other at the moment.
Yeah, I would at least warn Chief Hiccup before swooping in or she might literally lose her head. Can you have Vespera lick Rune covering him in drool as a goodbye gesture? I think a little pay back is in order for Boreas licking Ireth from earlier.
Now would be the prefect time for the Magikarp to evolve.
Is it wrong that I like Joan's hair just when she woke than all styled in this page. It makes her look more bad-ass in my opinion.
Sorry, been gone awhile. Stuff is chaos. Hope you had a great birthday.
Shesh, some parents can be really.... yeah anyway why don't they get her a pay as you go cell then make her pay for anything above a certain amount that way their child has an emergency way to get help and she has the responsibility if she over uses the phone.
Glad you are feeling better. If you haven't yet, check out the Korra Book 4 trailer on youtube (or episode 1 which comes out any day now. I hope this will at least raise you mood a tad. We could always get together and prank call a certain someone if you want to also. Llama Carousel.
Hey there, I know saying sorry doesn't fill the gap but all the same I am sorry for the loss. I hope you know I am here if you need me. You know how to get a hold of me and if you need we can go do something together or just talk.
It's strange that her powers keep changing. Makes you wonder.
@yamilink: hey, so 3D is at 6:45 or 9:40. Pick which ever works best for you. Sadly no Imax which would of been awesome.
Heya, the tickets are not yet on sale for Friday at the theater I want to take you but I will let you know as soon as I get them. My guess is the movie might be at 8 but no guarantee.
Because telling a murderous dragon 'shoo' is the normal reaction to hanging off a cliff.
Moving? Sounds tiring. I don't think I even want to consider moving again. Let me know the details in a less public venue.