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i love wolves comics and whatever makes me laugh. :)
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sadly thats just how the world is. full of stupid people that how less brain cells then a rock or have one or two but dont want to spend the time to use them :(
@Kiel95: just imagened your avatars head on the hulk and i scared my self >.<
kimi's not looking at the cloths *hint hint* =3
my idea didnt happen either
@Kiel95: next page is either taiki going crazy or someone walking in
skip the movie
just go straight to the kissing so the sister or parents walk in on them >:3 mwahahahaha
good job kimi
i see what u did there... giving her tight cloths so u can watch her change very sneaky!
you got it half right
@Sir Kitsune: taiki just agreed to go to her house and hang out with kris. then sneak off and make out. then get caught by kris in the act and try to hide it
we must see.
yes we must see. we are interested because we want to see. :)
i dont know why but i think there more lesbian fairy god mothers then gurus for one reason... they always have something for taiki when ever she shows up and it helps her out the most. :)
srry kiel95 but i dont think that Nikki idea wont be happening for a while if it does. still have to learn more about kimi's sister i think :)
i can never eat strawberry jam whenever someone says that line for at least a month... im going to go sit in the corner now
too many buckets... too much love >.<

he he
so now she has two girls she likes :)
August 29th, 2011
oh noes evils coming :3
i thought that was a tear... wow i need to go see the eye docter
i thought they just breathed rainbows and unicorns :)
its all good... we all have are special moments in life
February 20th, 2011
@anavs: may just be meaning that hes going to rip out all the organs