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I'm awesome.
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You're welcome, and merry Christmas!
Is it just me or does it look like he's dating a 5 year old?
Lol, he loves teh Barbie
Is the rat stick a VG Cats [] reference? Of course, that's a rat-flail, but still.
This is the first one that really made me laugh. The new art style definitely has something to do with it, conveys emotion better. And it's great how you've established such a psychopathic, pathological character. You can do so much with a character like that. Fav'd.
Ah, so small penis guy's name is Fred. Heh. This comic is pretty funny. Fav'd.
Yeah, but the title needs to relate to the comic in a tangible way. You should just change the name to 'Late Night with Glenn Vian' if that's going to be the focus of it. And even if you only occasionally do a Glenn Vian comic, then the name still works.
Huzzah, and rejoicing.
Dang, that is some awesome artwork! Oh, btw weirdo is spelled like this.
Lol, silly penguins. We humans would never fall for silly ryhmes. Right?
Spent a lot of time on this one, huh?
That is really an obscene amount of blood. Of course, something with blood in it's name seems likely to bleed alot. Especially when it is pretty much just a sack of blood. Yeah.
You guys rock.
Wow, this good. So horrible it's funny.
Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion
I'll never learn.
That Eisner guy?!? OMGWTFBBQ brilliant. I'm guessing he had a falling out with Disney? Sweet. Fav'd.
That wasn't funny...and they looked better with color.
O...k...what exactly does this have to do with The Floor, Office_Zone's comic?