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September 20th, 2010
XD I love the "Let her get her nutrients!" and how Maiko is oblivious and lost in her own world of XXX goodness :D
September 11th, 2010
I'd eat it! Ryoko would probably say that no matter who made it, I'm guessing, plus Yoki put all that work into it
Ahh, good to have Flying Koi back :D
Tsuru should have a tiny taste of it first...
Maiko has lots of fans, and rightly so :D Her teacher is a bit mean though...
Go Maiko, standing up for what she believes in! :D
Hehe, smooth quick work by Tsuru :p
Happy 4th of July! That was my cousin's birthday :p

Nicely done! They almost look like opposites of each other
Yoki never got to feed it or... *sniff* clean up its poop... Ryoko's work is done: professional virtual pet hitwoman
Hehe Ryoko had to spoil Yoki's moment. She looks cool with those shades :D

I just noticed Ryoko's uniform is slightly different from the others'
Yoki might be so used to hearing Maiko go on about... stuff that she tunes it out XP

MINI PET! Reminds me of the Tamagotchi phase back in Year 5 at school
And another piece of the Maiko puzzle falls into place :p I love the spooky effect in the first panel

Maiko - master of mature mischief
I like Yoki's outfit on the chapter 4 cover :p It's all in the hat!

Haha poor Tsuru is left feeling awkward, that seems to happen to her a lot. She's still new I guess. Maiko's just dying to find some dirt on Kenichi :D
She's a good actress to pretend she's in a bad mood like that :o She must hate their worship, it might put her in a bad mood for real!
They must LOVE their beatings, must be their daily Ryoko fix "She punched me in the jaw, I'll never wash my face again!"

One second she was laughing and then... oh the humanity...! :D
(I thought I already commented on this but maybe I forgot to post it :p )

That was really great, you did a fine job :) Poor Tsuru kinda went along with Maiko's idea, who can say no to that enthusiastic face :D ...only to probably catch a cold eating ice-cream in bathing suits in cold weather
Hehe, I like how you pop yourself in there, real author-reader interaction! :D

Hooray for the glasses club!! Oh and the Ryoko and Maiko clubs!
She can't be trusted, she isn't even watching what she's doing! :D
Hehe Kenichi, he's a brave and caring one. His attempt at humour is kinda wasted on Ryoko though :p The funny thing is there's no proof that he did get off her, but I bet she'd probably push him off anyway!

I never heard of the term 'tsundere' before, thanks for the info :o
That's sad, but great! Especially the shoes, they look perfect. I find shoes and feet tricky hehe

But Ryoko was extra mean with that joke *points scolding finger
She took that well :D