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Im an airbrush artist thats why "paint flies when im having fun!". Mainly I paint graphics on fiberglass RC helicopter canopies, but I can also paint on anything dumb enough to get painted. I also love to fabricate stuff- molding, casting, fiberglass, customizing, etc. etc. I like playing videogames, mostly handheld, and I would get sick if a day has passed without getting the chance to draw.:D

...You better get moving now or else you'll get painted! >:D

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Final Stages of Qualifying
Will this be a case of celebrating too early? The defending champ went for another lap, will he be able to do enough to beat Nico's pole position time... And Ramille the reporter left soon after Iris finished her qualifying run. XD
@Captain Ghost: Thanks for coming along the ride to 400 pages. Next is for 500pages :D
We Reached 400 Pages
Oh wow! We reached the 400th page. Couldn't have done it without you guys. :D
@Squirreltastic-Blue: As long as Nico is performing well, no ones gonna get hurt. ^u^
Next update will be 3 pages long. After seeing what the grade schoolers are up to, we're now back to the high schoolers. ^u^

@Squirreltastic-Blue: Yeah! She's one of the bois! XD

@SoakMonkey: Minus the blue shells and stars. XD
The 4th Grade Racers
The final line-up of drivers that Keith will race against. They're all guest characters except one. ^u^
Here are the links to their creators:
Asaph by Neloku
Tikal by parimak
Niels by Hisame Artwork
Timmy by Babipoki
Damon by DracoPlato
Olly by BP-wolf
Era by Kura
Floria by Squirreltastic-Blue
@Mach: No they're not related to Maldonado so there won't be any crashes unleashed.XD

@Squirreltastic-Blue: Look how he's hugging them now. :D

@SoakMonkey: Glad you like the pacing. Oh! you started up Cester here. It was gone in tapas

@Marcus Brigade: Yup! Still going. Some new readers like STASIS very much. And yeah SJ changed around early 2017
Purple Sector Time
Purple sector time- The track is divided into sectors so that teams can easily tell where they are losing times against opponents. When we say purple sector time, it means it's the fastest time recorded in the sector for the session. While a Green sector time means it's the driver's personal best time. And last is a Red sector time which means the driver was slower than his previous time.
stasis eyes to green light. O_O
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Funny as I just bored one reader into unsubscribing.XD
Just some boring lap times...
@princess_lom: Yeay! Thank you very much <3 Good job on this one. It's awesome that Kimi is the one you chose. :D I shall print this and stick it to my wall.
Oh that hatred of the little boy.XD
That karting panel is my favorite. ^u^
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Everyone does.XD

@princess_lom: It's updating slower than before but that's better than not updating at all. ^u^ And i'm also improving it as I go. Oh and fanarts? I would love it *u* I print those and place it on my wall. :D
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Who? Nico or Mappy? or Keon for carrying everything?XD

@Mach: Yeay! You caught up. :D And yes, Spud guy will always be present ruining the backgrounds.XD
@Kai173: hehe! You and your femdom fetishes.XD Give tapastic a chance, but you might need to reformat into a vertical format for it to be mobile friendly.

@Captain Ghost: Of course i'll never forget where I started. SJ readers will always have a special place in my heart. ^u^ It's my fault why I lost most of the readers anyway... those long hiatus periods didn't help. :/
Format change
Since I have no intentions to print this comic, I decided to change the format to vertical. This shift is better suited for the tapastic version of U-Speed, but smackjeeves is where this comic began so even though it does better in tapastic that doesn't mean i'll abandon the SJ readers. The 500kb limit on a page sucks though and I have to adjust quality of the long page. :/
In racing, qualifying is a session where they set lap times where the driver who'll set the fastest will take the pole position in the start of the race. Pole position is the very first spot of the grid infront of all other race cars.
Part 7 here we go!
Finally we'll have more racing action after a lovey-dovey part 6

@Squirreltastic-Blue: Yeah he is indeed growing fast.XD

@Kai173: Agressive Kino and shy Mappy? hehe! Age doesn't matter too huh?XD