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I'm currently an english animation student trying to make a comic. Yes, I'm THAT interesting.
@H-P I'm planning on redoing the comic. There'll be changes to the plot and the format of the pages. Hopefully they won't look so cluttered.
And now for something completely different.
Okay, I have finally finished this goddamn scene. Jeeze.

The only thing is now I have to put Crystal Specs onto a hiatus because I need to do a project for my new uni. So hopefully, by the time I get back to the comic, I'll be able to work much faster and have more frequent updates.

Sorry, guys.
It's just not JD's day. I'm sure the others will wake up and help when he crashes into them.
@airmail its because of the different overlays I put on the comic.
Poor JD. He has to do every bloody thing.
BOING!!! YAY! Watch out for the talons.

Er. Yeah.
@sbdrag Its supposed to be somewhere in America, though most of the characters are from elsewhere. The Cranes are from NorthWest England
The Crane's really aren't good with tact.
I've been in Wales for the past week. Hence the gap. I can only apologise.
I should have called this comic WTF is going on, rather than Crystal Specs. It seems more appropriate.
For some reason I like dankness. Dank! house is dank.
Sorry this took so long. I've not been feeling all that motivated of late. Need to do something about that.
Yes, another page. This time with an unclear polaroid shoved in. Yay!

...I shouldn't post things at 2 am.
Still in the land of no connection. Wondering desperately why, despite my best efforts this comic refuses to be anything but sodding PINK!

Also: Plot! She emerges!
Yeah, this took longer than usual. I had issues with it, so sue me. I'm currently in the land web connection forgot, do I don't know when the next comic will be up, but I'll try and get it done soon.
Not technically a comic, but I wanted to give drawing Fitz a try before I dumped him into the comic. Fitz is Malakai's skinnier, scruffier, more amiable twin brother and Socrates driver. He also works as a performer at the club Socrates owns.
Its 2am!
Am I really expected to write something coherent at this hour? Jeeze.