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    Ji-Hwan Park
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Sorry it's not colored. (Some other pages after this will also be uncolored, hope you guys don't mind :/ ..)

Caligula was the one that drew that flow chart (he's such a cute little servant to Typhoon!). As Typhoon and Emmaleigh worked, he drew out the little scenes and stuff. You'll be seeing more of "his drawings" later ~
HAHA! XD Yes, indeed!
;) You'll find out soon ~
Thanks for the comment!
;; I'd wanna go home too.
I'm loving it so far~ and I really want to know what got them in there and what they'll do to get out +_+
Oh Metis...~
HAH! Metis is so clumsy, it's cute!
YES! <3
I bet he didn't see that coming ;D
Haha! Oh Josh..I love his expression on the bottom there.

Also, I'd love to purchase any merch put out there :)
I'll be checking the store asap~
Buttons would be pretty cute too, you can never have enough!
...though I am a button fiend, aha.
Ah, unknowing :)
"I was drunk"
Now, where have I heard that excuse before?~ haha!

I love this comic :')
Ohohohoh. I sense some trouble ahead.

Loving that last panel~
Looks like a pleasure face to me!
Last panel = WIN.
but really...on top a bookcase..hmm, interesting.