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Awe, Eric. xD I love this page for some reason. Probably just that last panel there.
Just... DAAAWWW. D:
Zoshi's way of thinking is obviously off, he's not human. You can't expect him to act like one. Though if you're a demon who wants to love a human or does then you need to learn how to behave. In a way I sympathize with Kea of course, but I also sympathize with Zoshi who tries but fails simply because of his faults.

Better that then two Sue/Stu's. xP
Oh Zeus, what happened to you and your love for Hades? D:
Pink Floyd is a band from the 60's.
I'm tearing up, poor Friday. )':
I prefer meat and cheese, but whatever floats your boat.
Actually that is only a myth that you swallow spiders in your sleep.

Buuut, you might need more like a new one a night because you keep breaking them in an attempt to 'squash the spider'.
Hm... I think I'm okay. XD
Killing Shyamalon
I agree fully. Despise that movie, you do not pronounce Iroh 'Earo' or Sokka 'Sukka'. XP Then the whole skipping characters and important parts.

And I think they consider the Last Airbender a Cartoon now. xP I'm surprised people made such a big deal about the whole anime thing.
Now I really want hugs for them, sadness. D8
0-0 I want more! 8D XD I feel sorry for Zoshi. xP He likes her but doesn't know how to deal with her.
Very Nice
Exactly. Very classic comic look, but obviously your own style. Looks like it's going to be a good story line as well. x3 Can't wait for the next page! 8D
Alice P:
It's reminding me of Alice in Wonderland. XD /fail
Daaaawww, if only Zeus didn't get mean in Hades story. Haha. XD Then I would like him more. x3

Hades and Poseidon are still the best. ;D
Agreed Hugs
If Eric don't do it I will! XD

This comic is so cute. x3 I showed it to a friend and she agrees it's really cute.
I can't wait for the next, you've got me hanging on your every... Comic page... XD

Yes, he is very good looking. Haha...
My Cat
Yep. This is my cat too. *flail* Except worse. She turns around, finally, and claws into you. xP
Bloody Hands
Mine is three spears, sometimes depicted as bloody, with a dragon holding a severed hand. d33825519fa5053862edd8581a1/WATKINS-FAMILY-CREST----WATKINS-COAT-OF-ARMS-jpg-qpps_7 15700925225210.LG.jpg

Nice ain't it? XD
Awe, Ariel looks so sad in the last panel. )':

These guys are just so adorable. XD