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A little person with too many jobs and too many school classes...

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Currently: feebly attempting a progression towards drawing again. After an 8 year hiatus, this creature must once again learn how to properly hold a pencil.

quality over quantity y'all
People are so used to instant gratification nowadays. I think many complainers on this site are forgetting what a good story is (if they have even ever read one). People think this is the 'be all end all' scene. this is just one phase of the overall story. this sex scene is part of the the build up y'all. for those who are disappointed, nothing that is rushed/quick is quality. A quality story will always take time, it will take patience, and when the real climax happens it will be earth shattering. I've read this story since page one and I will read till the ending credits cause I know what real quality writing looks like <3
February 18th, 2018
seeing Praxis in uniform on the last page is what I live for. Praxis is life. <3 all your pages are beautifully drawn. and that pose is gold
@redmarielle: I would talk to the author of Avialae. Her books are rated 18+ and she prints them off after every chapter and they are very good quality. They are printed in the US also. They are black and white. if you are looking for more color I would talk to the author of Starfighter for advice on printed books as hers are also 18+ and glorious on color.
@jsmccarthy: OMG I forgot about that! Good Catch! I love that scar!
@banichka: i do the exact same thing on all the sites I follow comics on: I read the ones I'm like "oh an update" and leave the ones that I'm like "SJDJDNSJSNDSKBDEJ AN UPDATE!!!!" for last. This is one of them that I leave till the end cause of the excitement.
@sstogner1: ermergerddd I totally just realized that he is gonna probs drunk text you know who cause he gave him his number ohohohoho
this is hilarious! I love this so much.
oh yasss
@SomiJuli: i actually reread this comic a lot! (and don't really see inconsistencies). Ive been following this comic for a looooong time and i love it so much. I live on tapastic on webtoon but I come back to SJ for this one cause its <3 <3 <3. I actually ended up rereading this one and art of fantasy yesterday one right after the other and both left me swimming in my own drool of how amazing they both are. (yassssss) i love to reread stuff and see how artists grow and how the art changes throughout the comic. <3
awww yisssss
I will pay expedited SHIPPING FEES for this! Carter is my favorite character ever. I had not been on smackjeeves in like a month and then i log on and i am blessed with the amazingness. I had to stop at every page starting with 5-72 and jump around and flail on the floor a bit before proceeding. I whole heartedly approve of carter/logan. now excuse me while i reread this whole comic again.
welp. his nose isn't the only bruise he's gonna have now
Carterrrr! I love Carter. These two are my fave.
I love this chapter cover. Carter is my favorite <3 <3 that blond hair….
wait WAT. *goes and logs into patreon* GASP ZOMGGGYASSSSSS. Your art never ceases to amaze the balls outta me. It's so detailed….and that patreon page *clasps heart*
Hirn can be my daddy anytime. Just saying...
GASP! whats behind door number ooooone… it's Papi Hirn's Red Room..uh I mean 'operating room' behind there…where operation 'discipline-bad-children' takes place…yeah. That's what's behind there...
The commenter two above me is my spirit animal. Turtle noises are hilarious. I love this whole page so much. I was about to go to bed (3:40am over here) and I logged back on just to see what updated and I saw this comic updated and now I can say I can go to bed knowing I had a good day.
If i was a priest I would Never suggest anything to a God. Especially to a God of Death. How is being a new mommy treating you? <3
For some reason this reminds me of how doggies mark their territory. Except that isn't pee on Crouton's face. It seems Arco unintentionally subconsciously marked what he wants. That deer in headlights face is the greatest face ever.
Stern Hirn
Now Now Herz...don't you walk away from Papa Hirn now, or else he might have to punish you...wait...on second thought...

But seriously. I love how Fatherly Hirn is. There may only be a 10 year age gap but the way they act makes them seem like they really are father and son. Herz is just such a cute skittish lil-baby here. *melts* looks at Hirn being all stern. *swoons*