Giras the Ebil
The museum-dragger kid meets the gym-dragger kid...what happens when two unstoppable forces meet?
That's a gym leader I bet!
lmfao, cup size
Shhh.... lizard will be a plot twist.
Second Panel FTW
I think I saw a Far Side cartoon about this...
What do you say L- OH SHIT I BROKE HIS MIND!
Why can't this webcomic be about coolasaurus?
Seriously,fuck those magazines.
Well, that blew up quick.
I like Megan already.
Luffinpuff got OWNED.
"Doing things from health class."
Perfect, lol
Best threesome ever.
1. Old Spice
2. Bronys
3. ???
4. Profit.
"Crotch dropping" is probably the most horrible thing you could possibly call a kid.
Oh god...don't click the link, don't click the link, DONT CLICK THE LINK!!!! AAAUUUGHHH!!!!
Welcome Back, Brightside!