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Rein Akira
I'm so glad this is updating again! I have a question actually;

Has this been printed yet and if so can I buy it online anywhere?

Love your stuff and I hope to see more soon!
@Wolfsubzero: I'm glad that people still read it :)
I will admit, I'm not great with updating when I'm at school... I get super busy >.>
But I have not forgotten! :P
I'm so happy this is being updated now! I've been following this comic since it was first released~

I shall continue to follow until the end!

And yes, it definitely takes twice as long as hand drawing T.T Easier to correct mistakes though! Haha

Keep up the great work! I can't wait for the next page~

Chapter 2

Nao, in her own mind, has finally met a ninja. But now she has a new problem: How is she suppose to talk to him when she's too star-struck to even look him in the eye?
@bluswordgrl: Weeellll... not to urge you on or anything *shot* It's a comedy~ :)

(And thank you so so much!! >.<)
Well, these are the last two pages for chapter one. I've already begun chapter two, but I don't know if I'll post it up :/

Chapter Two Discription:

Nao, in her own mind, has finally met a ninja. But now she has a new problem: How is she suppose to talk to him when she's too star-struck to even look him in the eye?

Should I post the second chapter??
Chapter one is almost over ^.^
Boob envy.
Vacation Update!
Hey all! I'm updating on my vacation! I had a lot of pages done before vacation so I wouldn't have to draw any while I'm on vacation. I have about a months worth of pages if I update every 5-7 days like I usually do. So look forward to it!
So, I'm going to be updating a little slowly for a while now. Its close to the end of the summer and thats when my family gets busy. Also, chapter one will also be coming to an end soon. I'm already working on the outline for chapter two~

I really hope you've enjoyed this comic so far! I can't wait until the drama starts! X) Oh yes, there will be drama~ It is one of my great joys to create stories so heartfelt and dramatic that it makes people want to cry... so stick with me people! XD
I'm not very good at drawing blood -_-'
Birthday Update!
Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying Dear Mr. Ninja! Today is a very special update~

Today is my birthday! Woo! I figured that the start of a new year for me should begin with me ending my manga laziness >.> ENJOY!
This page took me forever! *Dies*
Thanks All!
I wanted to post something up to thank you all for the support for DMN so far! I hope the support keeps going!

Love you!

~Ali M.
Sorry I haven't updated in a while! But it's summer vacation now so hopefully I can update more now! ^.^ Thanks for all your support! I'll have a bonus picture up soon!
What do you think? Any suggestions for the colors? I just kinda threw them together thinking they would look nice, but I don't know if I like the colors or not -_-'
I'd like to thank you all for your support and Kind words! I'm really grateful for all of you who view, subscribe, and comment! Especially those who comment! ^.^ You have no idea how happy I am whenever I see that someone commented on my comic!

Thank you all!
@Rai-san: Yup! That's what I was hoping for X3
@Rai-san: SFX, or sound effects :P All the pages have been changed to english SFX instead of the japanese I had there.
English SFX
Well, I re-uplosded all of the previous pages with english SFX because I realised that I could do more things if I did the SFX in english.