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Vlad the Hedgehog
Hey I'm back!

My custom characters WIP:

Vlad the Hedgehog|Age: 17

Kyle the Immortal Chao|Age: 555

Reef the Fox|Age: 14

Albion the hedgehog|Age: 17

Vlad Mecha|Age: 17

Mystia the Panther|Age: 19

Cyke the Mutant|Age: 22

Lizabeth the Hedgehog|Age: 17
1. I can't think of a plot for chapter 2! I need the fan's help to think of an idea.

2.ARTIST WANTED: Comment and post a link that is your work.
>I second youdont12know
I thought of trying this for the first chapter.
Sure! Just send me your sprites in a comment or PM.
Don't worry cameos, your characters will heal.
I don't mean the text on the last panel.
Ultimate cameos in this issue. I forgot the mouths!
Anyways the reason, and where they are, they are on a planet called Fava, in a prison called Alphatraz. That cat is the warden and the boss is Ix and the demon is Mephiles.
>Sonic turns into a horse for no apparent reason.
OK. I was thinking on changing the speech bubbles anyways.
This what happens to Mephiles the Dark after the paradox in Sonic '06.
Maybe it's the Squeak Squad's Doc.
Here it is. Back on track. Also, Ignore the spelling mistakes I wasn't going to bother with it.
The robots reminds me of Beta and a recolor combined.
I'll try that next time, godmoderncommander.
This party presents: PARTAY FUN!
If this looks bad, I had to save this different because it was way to big as a average PNG.
Edit: We're back to normal updates now. :D
Shady Cookie is shady Second Post.
That is a evil plan he has in his sleeve.