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i am tuesday and this is my smackjeeves
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Aw, I'm so excited! .u.
I'm so glad that this story is realistic with her being so angry. I like Tsuki. I think that the people that find her to be annoying for being angry right now really don't have enough life experience to really know what just went on between these three. Taiyou didn't exactly handle things correctly, but that doesn't mean he's entirely at fault either. Your art is beautiful, by the way. C:

i'm having a heart attack from the adorable.
There's nothing wrong with the grammar so don't worry about that XD

And the backgrounds are great!
Just so you know. xux This is one of my favorite active comics on SJ.

He's so cuuuute in his stubborn spoiled way.
LOL Mark's reaction is actually quite adorable.
I wanna know why Danny is this put-off by porn.
holy shit he's adorable

I want Abby in my pocket.
Holy shit this story.

It's just so adorable.

And this page. ;u; ♥ He's so cute, trying to be thoughtful. Gahh
I've never wanted to hug something more than I want to hug Abby.
He masturbated drunkenly all night and used his tears as lubrication.
James is still attractive.
I'm half excited that they're going to be older at some point, and half sad to know that they won't stay teeny and adorable. XD

This is out of nowhere, but I just have to let you know that this is my hands-down my absolute favorite comic on SmackJeeves. XD
If this went by yaoi rules, these two would be having sex by the next page.

Jimmy: It'll be okay, let me comfort you... -removes clothing abnormally fast- PHYSICALLY.

Chris: Ooh! My broken heart! You've cured it! ♥ And all it took was sexual harassment!


Uh, anyway, I like this page. :I
I'm sort of in love with this page.
And then he climbs in through the window.
Wow Amelia I didn't see you there I was distracted by your nice butt.

And I am pleased with this piece of information. :I <3
I love how he's somehow comfortable with Takao leaning abnormally close.