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Hi there! XD
You must be too good of a write. Your characters have some how gained sentience and can now do whatever they please.
Oh my gosh! I am the same! I have all the ideas at 2AM!
October 17th, 2018
Welcome Back!
It's like all those cartoon characters who never change their outfits.
Congratulations!!! Just a few characters short at this point.
Haha. I do this to my best friend. I raved about a show. She ended up binge watching two seasons while I was on episode 5. I then never watched it again.
I'm dying to know what happened!
You've got this!
I use to house sit for this creepy house and the Roomba would fall down the stairs in the middle of the night and give me a heart attack.
Jack of all trades but master of none, is better than a master of one.
What's some of your favorite books?
I am actually a cashier in a store where we do this. We hate it too. Corporate demands it. I have a score card I have to fill out at the end of the day. I am supposed to get at least four members a day. If I don't do well the district manager makes my managers and I feel like crap. We get strong "suggestions" and get to participate in horrible, patronizing role playing if we aren't doing well in our rewards members. And guess what, I can return your item if I have your card, which means the store already has a record of everything you bought under said card and can build a customer ID around it.
We hate it so entirely. But the almighty Corporate demands it. Now everywhere I go, I sign up for the dang rewards (if it's free) and I give them my lesser used email and it's not a big deal. And it helps skip the little pitch we have to do about the rewards.
It's all so awful, but as a cashier I get pretty well "scolded" if I don't get the members. It's the highest source of stress on our side.
Haha, yes, bribery.
Oh my gosh! Happy anniversary! That's crazy! Congratulations!
I do something similar with my best friend. I recommend a series on Netflix, she watches the whole thing while I only watch the first 5 episodes. Then she gets frustrated that she can't talk to me about it because she'll spoil it for me. Then I never finish the series, and recommend another series and it repeats all over.
March 14th, 2016
Your artwork is so beautiful.
Such a cute dino!
I hope you get well soon!