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Woo! I also wear a trench coat! :D
They make me hungry, too. o.o
I have an honest fear of PopTarts. Name-brand PopTarts.
I like the upside down guy. :D
My friend Casey rides in the trunk all the time. His only complaints are speed bumps and shitty music. :D
I know what you mean. D: I started that diet forever ago, then gave up after like two weeks. And then I started a new diet + exercise program and it was really working.. until I got tendinitis. :D And then I wasn't able to do ANYTHING (I also injured my back.. Misaligned pelvis + the leg that's already longer than the other having to be on this stupid boot walker thing = BADDDDDDDDDDDD), so I just kind of.. Stopped. And now I'm like, "NOO" so I've been slowly moving back into it. Rapidly changing my diet in one day has already proven to be bad for me for about a week, so I'm easing into it.
I know I don't know you very well, and I seem kind of odd always randomly posting comments on your comics, but I'm here for you, too. I know what it's like to move far away from friends. Right after I turned 16, I moved 700 miles away from every person I had considered a friend. They were there for me no matter what for seven years, and then, poof. I moved and now they're barely talking to me.

four months after that, once I had finally started to open up and make friends again, I had to move back in with my verbally and emotionally abusive father. I still barely have any friends and I'm not actively trying to make any outside of the internet because I'm afraid to lose them, too. And I am. Now the only friend I have is moving about three hours away to live with her mom.

I don't mind doodling up some guest comics for you, either, and while I may not know you, at least I know Pokemon and can make some more really silly puns for you.

You inspired me to keep drawing, by the way, and to try out my own comic.. Now it's how I relieve stress and escape, so I'm grateful.
It's even worse than setting your pubic hair on fire.

It's like setting it on fire, then attempting to brand that area, THEN getting a prison tattoo with an un-sterilized needle made out of the prong of an old, used fork.
That whammy bar line would have worked on me.
This sounds a lot like
my school attendance record in my last school, haha. Anyways, yes.. I know I know, I'm two months behind!! I just kind of got.. Tired, you know? I was pretty occupied with being treated like crap by a guy that just randomly stopped talking to me one day, but that's something I don't want to get into.


This pretty much sums up two months worth of no updates. .-. No joke. Besides befriending an amazing guy who has helped me more than he realized. <3

Might update this more, but not sure.
I agree with Blitz. <3
I love/hate it when that happens, haha. I recently went to the beach, too! :D
The fact that he doesn't talk to me. :D
I love it when things like this happen.

I've actually recently extended my DnD play to the actual MMO : DDO. xD

I play a Drow Wizard. B]
Oh Jesus, I wasn't expecting you to put this up. OTL I drew this in like 10 minutes,
:D <33 There isn't a face that can portray the joy that this Star Wars reference made me feel.
This update is actually
over thirty minutes late. D: I just felt really sick and could barely manage to draw anything, let alone think of something to make today's comic about.

All I did today was, honestly, either sleep, or read. I started a book called Old Magic and in a little less than three and a half hours finished it. It was great!
Today was very busy, indeed.
It was really fun, though! I was so excited when I went into Alice's - they still had my cincher/corset! :D So I might get that! And they had this great cotton skirt for $8 that I might be able to get soon. :D They're having another of these flea markets the day after my birthday, so I told my mom she should just give me money and let me run free there. It seemed like she accepted the idea. :D

Applebee's was great, too. The people in there are always really nice, and we haven't had a single bad waiter yet. Today, we had this really sweet, very tall, young man named Elvis. It was awesome. owo; And yes, today I slacked a lot on my diet. But when my mom says we get to go to Applebee's, I'm allowed to take a break. D:< At least I didn't a lot, right? RIGHT?!

And Lego Rock Band was awesome. I haven't played in a while, so I went back to easy. Then I got bored after three songs. Played for like two hours on medium. I still can't get through Check Yes, Juliet without getting frustrated and trying to restart, though. D: So, tomorrow, maybe. (:
Yeah, found out today that I'm coming down with something. AGAIN. It's been months since I've been sick, so I was really hoping I'd be fine for a while. Nope, not gonna happen. D:

Also, yayyyy, I found my CD~ <3