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So, yeah. Mostly on here to read, but I DO enjoy making comics... I'm just faaaaar to lazy to actually make one and post it and keep up with it...
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sooo... have you done that essay yet?
...with the amount of times I've been reading this comic... it would really help if I actually became a fan of prog and stuff, wouldn't it?
All I have to say about this... socks with sandals.
Oh no!
Not in front of the chillens! =O
My life
Until I read the comments that said "bullet" I thought it was part of a crayon.
So... is anyone else's favourite thing about that last panel the kitten in the corner?
We should get this lady one of those "#1 Mommy" mugs. XD
The My Weird Barry Thing spin-off sounds like a good sitcom. You should draw something of that in More JH.
Now that it's in my mind, I suggest it.
I would love to have a Kevin of my own. He is so. He looks so. I want to hug him until I'm tired and use him as a pillow. I said it. I'm (wo)man enough to admit this.
D'aww, Greg. You're so cute and awkward! <3
Tee hee. I like that mentality. "I'm gonna go gamble." XD
I want the two of them to work out! Gender?! IRRELEVANT!
I also find Kevin to be quite adorable. Helookslikethecuddliestguyalive!
I read your author page, but I didn't manage to remember anything after "tvtropes."
...Did it ruin your life, too?
I know... no ones straight in Janny Haniver and all, but I really want to see Julian in a cutsie relationship with a girl. It'd be so cuuute! :3

Also. Someone needs to love Kevin, too. But not Julian, I wanna see Julian with a girl because it'd be like a super girly thing.
The last panel made me go "Oh noes! Save the shota!" :<

EDIT: Please tell me Julian will still have his glasses! I liek glasses...
I remember that! I actually remember something from a page that happened a while ago! That rarely happens to me! =D

I was thinking about that for a while, too. Robots. XD
With stuff like this, I'm about as observant as Yvette is. There has been multiple times a friend of mine has licked me on the forhead, and five minutes later, I'll say "Did just you lick my forhead?"

My friends also all grope each other so much, I don't really notice that, either... >.>
yum... panel five is teh smex. I just love that close up mischeivious smile. XD
I know what you mean. Also, that is so cute! He's all shy and not knowing how to be social! I just wanna give him a hug! X3