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Animus Forgotten
Hello my name is Animus Forgotten, call me Ani. I'm one of those traditional artists, I have yet to master (and purchase) photoshop and a tablet therefore I use the old fashion paper and pencil trick. I've been working on art for about seven years now, but I still have a long ways to go so bear through my mistakes.

If you see me around, please feel free to say hi to me, or even throw random words of craziness at me, such things make me giggle. Please go ahead and read Gaian Rangers, it's my baby at the moment, and I hope you enjoy!
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    Tori M
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The first Wednesday of the month~!
It's shopping day?
Or ham day...

I dunno.

<3 Cat and Feetsie sitting in a tree~
Ah memories...
Good times all around.
Best. Line. Ever.
Oh my such wonderful dialogue to be heard though thin walls~!
<3 Welcome back Lumi!

I'm excited to see HC updating again!
You gave him yaoi didn't you...

They totally did.
It's not all that bad.

But I still love clapping guy he's my new official favorite.
I love this <3
They even have matching headbands.

Wait isn't that a couple thing?
Couple headbands...?

Either way it's ADORABLE!
Happy clap~

happy clap~
xDD Unrelentless.
She's my absolute favorite! Same goes for Cat! They're so adorable together I could die!
Aha he gets it!


Or maybe not.
Wahh! It's perfect x3

Please post more soon!

Por Que?!


Someone ask someone out dang nabbit!!!

He's being nice to Lizzardthing?!


Somehow I think he's going to screw it up.